What Can The Ford 'Y' & 'C' Model Register Do For You?

Ours is the only club specializing in the Ford Models 'Y' & 'C' so we are in a position to help you better than anyone else, but sorry we don’t have any services for customisers or streetcar enthusiasts. We have members all around the world and about 1400 cars on our list of survivors.

Membership gives you:

An excellent magazine (6 editions per year)
New and used parts and list of useful contacts
Technical advice
What to look for when buying
Reprinted Ford publications: Service Bulletins, Handbooks, Parts Catalogues. Library Archives
Help with vehicle registration matters
Low premium car insurance
Free advertising
A friendly organization with events and regional contacts.

Non-owner enthusiasts may wish to become Friends Of The Register.
This gives you access to all services except spare parts.

Even if you don’t wish to join at this time please send in your car details for free entry on our List of Surviving Cars.

If you had one of these Ford 8 or 10 hp. cars in your family and would like to know if it has survived we may be able to help. We have an extensive list of surviving Ford Models 'Y' & 'C' in UK, Eire and overseas.

All we need from you is the registration number- you never know, your old favourite may have survived.

If it has survived we may be able to put you in touch with the present owner. Each year we have been able to put past owners from over 40 years ago in touch with their old Ford.

Contact [email protected] with the details of your old Model Y or C that you want to retrace.

Where is it now?

A black Ford Model 'Y', registration BOU 783, is out there somewhere. Its licence was renewed through DVLA in December 2007, so it is MoT'd and on the road. We do not have it listed on our register of known surviving vehicles. If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please let us know. We have one lady who was driven to her wedding in it and who would love to see it again. Tel: 01264 365662

For details about joining or on any other matters contact Club Secretary. Bob Wilkinson.