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The classic cars you will find on this site were made in Great Britain from the early 1950's (although some will have had their debut at the 1948 Earls Court Motor show), to the early 1980's - a period which encapsulates the real heyday of British car manufacture. This was a time when Britain was a world leader in car design, and a time when car ownership was readily becoming accessible to all. It was a period when cars had real individuality and character, aesthetics sat comfortably ahead of ergonomics, and great motoring icons such as the E Type Jaguar were born.

Very sadly most of these British manufacturers have now long gone, but fortunately many of the cars still survive, and are still driven on an everyday basis, just as they were meant to be when they first rolled off the production line. On this website you will be able see at-a-glance vehicle specifications, performance data and photos. There are also relevant links to owners clubs (and sometimes parts suppliers) for most cars featured on their respective pages.

In the directory you will find comprehensive listings of British classic car owners clubs, parts suppliers and links to other interesting classic car websites. It is my intention to add more manufacturers and vehicle ranges to this website as time goes on, so if there is a particular classic car you would like to see here please contact me with the details. I would like to feature your own classic vehicles (currently or previously in your ownership) on the gallery page, along with any interesting stories you may have about them. You can also post or read messages in the classic car forums - for example you may want to trace previous owners of your classic car, find answers to technical problems, see where a classic car you once owned is now, read about forthcoming classic car events, or perhaps try and locate parts for your classic car. Whether you own a classic car or not why not come in and revisit the halcyon days of Great British Classic Cars.