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The Gentry Register...

...exists to support the Gentry Kit Car, which was designed and originally built by Roger Blockley in the early 1970s, and is still in production today by the Gentry Motor Car Company. It is one of the more faithful re-creations of the iconic 1955 MG sports car, with a number of detailed variations existing.

You'll find quite a lot here about both the car and the Register (that's the Owners' Club to you and to me). In order to try and keep it reasonably easy to find things, the content is grouped into information about the car ("Gentry"), the club ("Register"), what we get up to ("Activities"), and about how to get in touch ("Contact").

If you're just browsing, and would like to know more, why don't you introduce yourself to folks on the forum? You could also look through the diary, choose an event, and come along and say hello - we'd love to see you.