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Golden Valley Classic Motorcycle Club

The Golden Valley Classic Motorcycle Club is an A.M.C.A. affiliated club run by classic motorcycle enthusiasts with the aim of promoting pre 1974 Classic Motorcycle Trials, generally around the Stroud area of Gloucestershire.

In addition to a series of monthly club trials the club also runs:
* The March Hare long distance road trial.
* British bike weekend.
* The Gerry Holdstock Eurocup trial. WE NEED OBSERVERS!
* Christmas fun trial.

It is normal to see around 100 competitors riding superbly prepared bikes such as BSA, Ariel, AJS, Matchless, Triumph, Greeves, Cotton, etc.
Twin shocks are also welcome and some fine examples of Bultaco, Montessa, Yamaha, Honda, etc can be seen performing in the environment they were designed for.

Youngsters are encouraged to compete on either Mono Shock or Classic bikes and those of senior years can also ride Mono Shocks.

Club trials generally have 3 routes: Expert, Clubmen and Gentlemen.
The Gentlemen's route is suitable for those who are either new to the sport or prefer a less demanding course. This uses the same sections as Expert and Clubman but avoid severe obstacles.

Entry for most trials are; 'on the day'. Pre-entry is required for the March Hare and Gerry Holdstock Eurocup trials. Membership of an A.M.C.A. club is required. Annual or day Golden Valley membership is available at signing on if required.