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The Association caters for Owners and Enthusiasts of cars that were built by the Donald Healey Motor company, in Warwick, UK, between 1946 and 1954. These cars are also known as Warwick Healeys, pre-BMC/pre-Austin Healeys.

None of the models was the sedate saloon or tourer typical of the era, and as can be seen in these photos, they were raced from the outset, and are still raced today, with 100bhp, coil springs all round and a top speed of over 100mph their handling and performance compares favourably with much newer cars.

Please note that we don't cater for Austin-Healeys, so if you are looking for information about these then The Austin Healey Club is a good place to start.

(This doesn't mean that we have anything against Austin Healey clubs and owners! There is a large amount of cross over between the two, with quite a few of our members also owning an A-H, and Healey owners being eligable to join the Austin-Healey Club, but as the association specialises in pre-Austin Healeys, we won't be able to help you with enquiries about A-Hs)

We are the only club in the world which specialises in Healeys, and therefore provide access to spares and technical information unavailable anywhere else. If you have a Healey, then by all means join your local classic club or Austin-Healey club, but the one that you must join is the AOHO!

If you would like to advertise a car or spares for sale/wanted, then please mail me. Your advert will also be placed in the next Association newsletter.

Please note that because spares are rare and specific to Healey Cars, private spares for sale adverts are only available to members of the association.

However, if you are a non-member and have a car or spares for sale, we will advertise these for you.

All private adverts are free of charge. We do not currently put trade adverts on the website.