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The Secretary, JCC, 152 Belper Lane, Belper DE56 2UH

The Jowett Car Club is international and offers a monthly magazine, library, parts, spares, technical information, events, motor-sport, rallying and global contributions from its members.

Our Mission

To celebrate classic British cars made in Bradford from 1906 to 1954 namely- Jupiter, Javelin, Bradford, Jason, Black Prince, Curlew, Kestrel, Weasel, Flying Fox, Falcon, Long Four, Focus, Blackbird, Kingfisher, Black Prince, Wren, Grey Knight, Silverdale, Chummy, 7cwt Van, Short Two.

To encourage the maintenance, running and preservation of Jowett vehicles; whether car, commercial, vintage, pre-war, post-war, tractor or stationary engine.

To provide members with help, technical back-up, spares and companionship.


Formed in 1923, the Jowett Car Club claims to be the oldest one-make car club in the world. The club has used computers since 1974 and its old website remains here. A forum is accessible to those interested in the Jowett marque and an interactive library is available to club members. Please register on them.

Locally run sections in the UK organise friendly social events.

The annual meeting in May brings hundreds of members and their cars together.

Members provide voluntary services that cater for Jowett owners and those interested in the cars and their history. An insurance scheme is offered by with unrivalled benefits.

Affiliated clubs thrive in Europe, Spain, America, Australia and New Zealand. Members contribute from many other countries. There is a website devoted to the Jowett Jupiter with some Jupiter Owners Auto Club content.

Visit Wikipedia for a brief history of Jowett cars.