Special order by the first owner and comes with an extensive range of optional extras. It has a full and comprehensive service history with all corresponding paperwork for work, labour and parts. First registered in the UK on 01-03-2001 and has 3 former owners
1st owner 2001 to 2011
Full Audi service history from Wayside Audi Milton Keynes through to 102071mls.
RAC Trackstar fitted, AMD tune to 430bhp & 402 lb ft with printout.
2nd owner 2011 to 2014 - Full service history from Elite Motor Tune through to 121151mls
3rd owner 2014 to 2016 - Full service history from independent through to 125342mls
I have owned this car from 21/ 06/ 2016
Current mileage is at 141k and the car is in very good standard condition. Avus silver with silver nappa leather interior and original floor mats. Fitted with Bilstein B12 suspension package, Milltek stainless non resonated exhaust. Street hardness red polybushed front and rear.
New Michelin 255/ 35r18 Pilot Sport 4 at 132787mls
Cambelt/ waterpump changed at 136786mls
The car was restored in August 2016 by Classic Restore with CD photos of all work, new original Audi front wings were purchased from Germany at the time.
The latest work in 2023 consisted of a new original Audi water radiator/ oil cooler which also was purchased from Germany at great expense and this cured the minor leaks highlighted in past MOT’s. Digital instrument cluster repaired (no missing pixels)
This is a genuine car that drives incredibly well, suspension is firm yet comfortable and the engine has superb mid range pulling power.
£24995 - Now £19995
Genuine reason for selling (Retirement)

Full service history
1st 31/ 07/ 2002 - 18572mls Full Audi
2nd 24/ 02/ 2004 - 29849mls Full Audi
3rd 16/ 06/ 2006 - 45437mls Full Audi inc cambelt/ waterpump
4th 12/ 12/ 2006 - 59764mls Full Audi
5th 18/ 02/ 2008 - 74691mls Full Audi
6th 10/ 07/ 2009 - 87298mls Full Audi
7th 31/ 08/ 2010 - 101040mls Full Audi
2nd Owner
8th 07/ 07/ 2012 - 11218mls Full Bahnstorm Tuning
9th 13/ 08/ 2013 - 116532mls Full Elite inc cambelt/ waterpump
3rd Owner
10th 15/ 02/ 2015 - 125000 Lubrication
11th 14/ 04/ 2016 - 126874mls Full
12th 23/ 07/ 2017 - 131256mls Full
13th 17/ 09/ 2018 - 133785mls Lubrication
14th 26/ 07/ 2019 - 136445 Full
15th 24/ 08/ 2019 - 136786 Cambelt/ waterpump & pulleys
16th 06/ 01/ 2021 - 140140 Lubrication

Between all the services there are documents relating to all other work such as brakes, suspension, tyres, fluids, aircon services etc.

These original RS4's are becoming very rare and sought after in their original form.

Perfect car for a 2 week family holiday in Dorset, no problems at all. Would like to sell to an Audi enthusiast who will look after it. Top box in photo is included.

The car has just passed its MOT with no advisories, next due 25/ 10/ 2024. This year I have only put 600 miles on and I now no longer use it as I have retired.
This is a genuine car in VGC with full history (folder for each owner shown). Since owning the car it has had major parts such as reconditioned steering rack, camshaft hallsensor, cambelt/ waterpump, all suspension bushes replaced, genuine Audi water/ oil radiator.
It is mechanically sound with no known faults and drives incredibly well. Not used anymore because of retirement.

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