The ultimate GSXR 1100, sounds cheesy but I really believe this well known bike is that, because it does everything so well.

This has been many years of engineering and development from 1993 which is equally at home on the road or track.

This winter it's had a complete full blueprint style rebuild and had approximately 5 hours of run time to bed in and run on dyno producing 180 hp 106ftlbs so ready to be used.

The whole story of this bike is well documented on oldskoolsuzuki, need to be member of forum but can send link to those genuinely interested.

The pictures shown are over many years so can see history, but the first set is how it is presented today.

Below I will summarize the main points to make easier reading but comes with many spares, log books, information, specs and books.

Galespeed wheels.
Full AP Racing front brake set up including, narrow track fully floating discs with spare rotors, 6 pot calipers, fully adjustable span and ratio master cylinder with billet reservoir and braided lines.
Rear brake CBR 125 single piston slider with billet caliper hanger. (works really well better then original caliper)
K1 front forks with K tech internals.
Gsxr 750 oil cooled yokes to keep geometry correct.
Technoflex rear shock built and set up with K tech.
NWS rear swing arm.
Ohlins steering damper mounted in front of head stock.
Aluminum headlamp cage.
SPA design combined programmable instrument with built in gear indicator.
Carbon Fibre full bodywork with spare panels and custom paint.
NC30 single headlight with HID unit and horn built into headlight fairing with quick release waterproof connectors for easy removal.
Full bodywork and fuel tank just for track to keep carbon panels safe.
Gilles Clipons with Oberon oval mirror.
Gilles rear sets
HM strain quick shifter
Billet + nylon sliders braced to engine and frame for strength.
Custom wiring loom with sure-seal waterproof connectors.
Shido light weight lithium battery.
Oversize Carbon Fibre air box
Carbon Fibre undertray come mudguard and tail tidy.
(Huge amount storage space, can fit drinks, trainers, locks, tools, etc as complete empty space. Very useful.)
FCR roller slide 39mm carburetors with quick action active throttle.
Lots titanium fasteners including swing arm pivot, valve cover fasteners and cases, etc.
Akropovic full exhaust system including higher link pipe and can for more ground clearance on track.
Billet tech billet engine covers.
Braided oil lines with extra cooler for cylinder head oil with spare.
Engine breather billet mounted in sub frame triangulation so takes up no room and looks like part of the frame.
Dyna mini coils.
Dyna 2000 ignition system.
Magnecore leads.
Spark plugs stock.
New Super Corsa tyres rear 190/ 55/ 17


Where do i start with this, again I try to summarize the main changes to make easier reading.

I have posted many pictures but currently engine has been glass shot to give give bear aluminum race engine appearance which i personally think looks really effective and has the bonus effect of dissipating heat.

Pistons are 1246 CC JE machined now to give 12. 5 to 1 compression which it seems to like a lot better then when i was running at 13 to 1.
New piston rings bores honed on proper honing machine not pistol drill.
Crank has been crack tested, lightened, knife edged and polished by Chris Applebee.
Carillo con rods
Cylinder head is M head converted to screw and locknut with oversize valves and ported by Mr Ray Debben, as a favour for all years I was his crewman, which he would never do again. Utter stunning piece of many years of development and just been completely refreshed with new valves.
SUZ 7 Kent cams dallied in on slotted wheels.
New cam chain.
New shells through out.
Gearbox fully detailed and refreshed with twin roller bearing output shaft M style not earlier L.
Charging circuit stock, probably only item that is stock (and spark plugs), but with new wiring obviously.
Cable clutch pull conversion with lightweight, bigger diameter Hybrid clutch. Lots of development went into this but can be converted back to stock easily enough if wanted to be hit hard on drag strip.

The latest rebuild is fully documented on the build thread on oldskoolsuzuki too.

I have lots spares I can include and discuss with whats required, such as cases, stock rods and pistons if required, to convert to a stock engine, or do engine swaps to a milder engine for a touring stint or something.

There is nothing this bike needs.

To convert from road to track mode takes about 2 hours but even in posh mode I have rocked up to a track day, rode wheels off it and the rode home, with everything required for day in tail piece, so much room in there.

As bike stands now its been completely rebuilt, through out, forks also just been serviced by K tech and its had 5 hours approximately of use to run in, bed down, re torque and dyno to make sure all good to go. its had NO track use since this rebuild so tyres just scrubbed in too.

in essence it is a well proven, mostly new bike again.

i bought bike as second owner end of 93 with 3000 miles, its been drag raced, (won 10, 90 in 1997) I also ran 10. 0 on it but never wanted to lengthen or lower it and was big guy then, so never made the 9. Got bored dragging myself, but was spannering for 2 good friends so instead went touring, Spa, Le Mans events, France, Italy, the TT for years upon years, then developed it (as mechanical engineer) for roundy round stuff, whilst still keeping it fully road legal and usable.

You could lighten bike more if took it off road completely and replaced the gorgeous Galespeeds for carbon, not sure I would want to do that on road bike but plenty do, an aluminum tank would be nice, I have half built one and gave up because not got the Aluminum welding skills and tooling for that sort of work.

Right think gone on enough please contact for any further questions, but I really feel for what is in this bike it could not be replaced to this level, as decent Gsxr slingshot parts are becoming harder to find and had lots help over the years off some very special knowledge friends.

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