Please do not read this if you are looking for a “correct” 912, as this one is quite heavily modified.
Imported by me in 2016, it was in reasonable condition when I bought it but had some rust issues and was mechanically poor. I fully restored it and registered it in 2021.
It has had a full bare-metal respray (although I couldn’t resist keeping the original paint on the inside of the bonnet): acid etched, epoxy primed and finished in 2-pack acrylic in the correct colour. Obviously all rust cut out, and all cavities (many of which are not at all obvious) treated with Dinitrol. Underbody also coated with Dinitrol although some of the original black underfloor treatment remains, which is what preserved the car so well, as it is in perfect condition.
This was a full (every) nut and bolt restoration.
Engine machining was done by Andy Prill (Ian Walker?), assembled and blueprinted by me (and there are many nuances easily overlooked in rebuilding these engines). It is 1720, standard cam, 40IDF Webers (genuine) jetted to the commonly-accepted standard, via proper adaptor plates and breathing through Knecht snorkel filters. Crankcase breathing is via a Mishimoto oil separator/ catch can, vented to atmosphere, it has the old-timer full-flow oil filter system, which, unlike some other systems, gives instant full pressure to the bearings, and a 1-2-3 distributor (mappable via an app), and runs at about 8. 9:1 CR. I ran it up on the bench first and it has performed faultlessly since. It is a 616/ 40 engine, which is the very last of the 616 series, and I assume to be the original engine.
Gearbox I know to be a replacement by the previous (912 Registry) owner, I fully rebuilt it and it has performed faultlessly, it is 5 speed. All gear teeth were perfect, dogs excellent, all it needed was a couple of synchro rings, (as well as new bearings etc).
I fitted Elephant Racing rubber bushes all round, it has had full alignment and suspension set-up done by a Porsche specialist.
It has an alternator conversion, hi-torque starter, single battery, new exhaust, calipers rebuilt, new fuel tank, all new rubber parts etc, far too much to list.
It has a bespoke interior, with MX5 seats (far more comfortable than the originals), and all carpets easily removeable, and painted dash, chrome instrument bezels, inertia reel belts etc. All original parts (except the seats) go with the car.
There is quite a bit of history (receipts etc) from its American ownership and, obviously, stacks of receipts from mine.
For more details, see my thread on the 912BBS forum, go to ‘912 Renegades’ section and look for ‘1969 Coupe’ thread.
This is a totally unique 912.

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