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1990 Saab 900 Turbo

  • Right Hand Drive
  • 227,000 Miles
  • Manual, 5 speed
  • Petrol
  • 2000cc
  • 1990
  • H251CNB
  • Red
  • Private seller
  • Brighton, United Kingdom


Saab 900 Turbo
Reg H251 CNB
Registered 5th October 1990
MOT’d until 15th November (With some minor advisories) You can check online to see the MOT history

Current mileage approx 227k, but will rise slightly as she gets used.

You will notice that the mileage dropped considerably from 217k to pretty low miles of 336 miles!
This 900 started life as an LPT (Light pressure turbo) which was standard 157bhp, or there abouts.

Before I purchased it, it was then converted to an FPT (Full pressure turbo) Giving an output of 175bhp, or there abouts.

It’s quite a common thing to do to 900’s as the FPT was always seen as the one to have so to speak.

They went all out and even changed the speedo dials/ binnacle (which is why the mileage changed) to a new speedo binnacle and dials with the crucial APC turbo boost gauge. Current mileage says about 10k. I did over 5k in it last year and she drives very well for a 34 year old car. She's been driven a couple of times a week to work, and weekend trips out.

You’ll see in the photos that the original binnacle, which is in the boot of the car with the original mileage of 217k, and of course no boost gauge as the LPT didn’t have this.

Was I sceptical about the mileage change when I purchased her? Not really as I know Saabs and have been around them for some 20 odd years so it didn’t put me off as I knew an FPT is a better proposition.

So, what’s mine like?
Overall, she drives pretty well, pulls in all the gears, boosts, and bloody flies along on the motorway!
I’d say mechanically, she’s in not too bad a shape, considering age and mileage.

Any mechanical work I have had done has been undertaken by my Saab specialist, Mann & Woodland in Brighton, including welding for a previous MOT.
Top bloke and knows his Saabs!

I had this replaced about 1. 5 years ago with a reconditioned one from NeoBrothers. Paperwork included. Very smooth, goes into all gears and doesn’t pop out of reverse.

Runs sweet and has the standard 900 burble. Slight oil leak. (They all do!)

New discs, callipers, pads and brake lines around 2 years ago. Paperwork included.

New clutch and flywheel about 1. 5 years ago. Paperwork included.

Heading is holding up well. (Most Saabs sag and drop)

The car has grey velour seats as standard, but I have sourced a grey leather set and have changed the back seats already to the leather. The front seats need a refurb so are not in the car yet but included with the sale.

Overall not too bad, could do with a hoover!

Dashboard has a few of cracks in it but not too bad. (Standard 900 thing!)

Electric windows work as the should. Drivers side a bit noisy but works fine.

Electric Sunroof works as should.

Electric mirrors work as they should.

Stereo and bluetooth all work well, as does the aerial up and down motion.

Note: You’ll notice from the photos three small dials in the central console below the stereo. These are original aux gauges. This is NOT included with the car as I am keeping it. They are rarer than hens teeth!

Anyone that tells you there is no rust on their Saab, they are lying to you.
I’ve had a few 900’s over the years and they ALL have had rust of varying degrees, all in the usual Saab places.

What’s mine like?
From a distance the car is pretty presentable. Up close, there some visible rust areas. You will see to what degree from the photos.
Front wheel arches will need doing (Standard)
Rear wheel arches not showing much but worth doing I think.
At the rear below centre of boot lid has some rust, all fixable and not structural.
Underneath has some surface rust and has had some welding and is all structurally sound.
Door bottoms have some rust, see photos.
Drivers door has a rust spot on the top by the mirror.
Sills all good.
Front signs of rust,
Area around battery tray has some visual signs of rust but all structurally ok.
Bumpers have some scuffing.
Aero kit has some scuffing but not too bad and has been Cerokoted.
Paintwork is not too bad and polishes up really well.
Windscreen has a coupe of chips but not an MOT fail.
Rear passenger side jack point may need looking at for next MOT.
New weatherstrip on aero kit.

Could do with two new for the rear.
Fronts ok.

A few scuffs but fairly presentable.

So, would I trust this car to get you to Trollhatten and back? 100% I would! I have used her on a few longer journeys, as well as using her every week to get to work.
She is ultra reliable and starts on the button.

Of course, she needs work, they all do at this price point!

Btw, I’m no expert but incredibly passionate about Saabs, and all things Swedish. Apart from ABBA, I hate ABBA.

So, overall this girl could be used as a daily as is, or take your time and do the bits and pieces that you fancy doing to make her tip

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Private seller

2 Listings since 2024

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Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom
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