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  • Total one-off conversion
  • Honda Type R engine and T3 turbo set-up.
  • 4WD Honda CR-V drive-train
  • Expert build by professional mechanic
  • Enjoys road tax-free classic status
  • Totally bonkers

The Appeal

It’s a Mini Jim, but not as we know it. Anyone wanting a stock version of the cheeky little city car that so beguiled us in the Sixties is probably better moving along now.

The shape is the same; at least from the A-pillars back. The front is a custom-made glassfibre shell, refashioned to house a Honda Type R engine with turbocharger, as well as a sizeable radiator and oil cooler sharing the same space. This in turn is coupled to a Honda CR-V four wheel-drive system (why not?), with custom-made drive shafts coupling everything together. With 205bhp on tap (and more available from the turbo) and with the power deployed through all four wheels, it can shift.

But what delights about the little rocket is the thoroughness of execution and the quality of the parts used. This was the third set-up devised by the owner for the car, and is seriously well thought out. Where necessary, custom units have been built and fitted. And the best bit; it’s a road tax-free classic.

The History and Paperwork

  • All invoices for professional work done on the car
  • All receipts for parts bought
  • Dyno’ print-out from RS Tuning showing 205bhp output
  • Comprehensive history and specification file

A very large file accompanies the Mini. It contains invoices from tuning specialists (such as Track Torque in Wetherby) for the work carried out on the car, as well as bills from parts suppliers. These include off-the-shelf items as well as more complex components such as the custom-made sub frames. There is also an insurance-necessary listing of the considerable list of modifications. 

The owner also had a comprehensive photographic record of the car’s (re)build. If you have any questions about the Mini’s construction or spec, they are answered here. 

The Interior

  • Genuine Recaro seats with five-point harnesses
  • Custom-made and instrumentation
  • Electronic power steering
  • Full roll cage and harness anchors
  • That steering wheel
  • Bespoke logo’d mats

The indicator stalks may be original, but after that things get a little hazy; it’s both full-on and yet still functional. The controls are tactile, chunky and exactly right all at the same time. (You’ll see that the dash contains one or two dials that weren’t on the original). However, for all it’s in your face-ness, you’ll discover that everything is well-placed – it’s all been put together with serious driving in mind – including the electronic power steering. 

Most things are ‘analogue’ and everything is in perfect working order. The fit and finish is of a very high order. When you’ve stopped fondling the gear stick or the billet aluminium door furniture, take a look at the door cars, the dash itself or the headlining. And the joints and anchor points to the roll cage – top notch. 

The Exterior 

  • High quality respray
  • Custom panels blend well with original
  • All original panels are straight 

The ‘Arden Blue’ paint finish is of a high quality, with the metallic blue maintaining a deep gloss and an excellent match in tone across both the steel and glass fiber components of the bodywork. Window and door seals are new and remain supple. The mainly original chrome is also largely in very good condition, with only a couple of items showing pitting, or (in the case of one headlight surround) a little rust.

Looking around the car, you are struck by the fit and finish of the custom parts; joins and edges are neat and smooth – with screws fitting straight and flush – and panels that mate together closely.

The quality of the handling (that clamshell front) and how smoothly things move/operate is also very good. There are no rough edges or forgotten details. 

The Mechanics 

  • Honda Typre R and T3 turbo set-up.
  • Well thought-out and executed 4WD Honda CR-V drive-train
  • Custom alloys made for the car
  • High quality parts, fit and finish 
  • Good tyres all round
  • Stainless steel exhaust
Under the ‘bonnet’ and under the car are where you really get the full measure of how well thought out and executed this custom build really is. All components are either new, rebuilt or re-engineered. Everything appears to be of a high quality and well-fettled. Everything is in a particular place for a reason and is there by merit of its performance abilities and effectiveness. 

The Honda Type R engine, together with its turbocharger – and that huge oil cooler – have been skillfully placed in that most compact of engine bays. It’s also put together in such a way that an owner/tuner can tweak it and service it readily. (Notice the USB cable sitting on the passenger floor mat, which goes to the ECU).

Underneath the car, the sub frames, the stainless steel exhaust, and suspension assemblies appear very robust and in excellent condition. The split-rim alloys – custom made for the Mini – are a tasty feature.


We admit that this is something of a ‘niche’ vehicle – you either want it or you don’t, so we’re not going to try to persuade you either way… 

However, if you are looking for something ‘out there’, it’s unlikely you will find a project that’s been better thought out and better executed. It’s hard to emphasise enough the thoroughness of the work. Also, you are probably getting it for a fraction of the original build cost.

We love it.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1968
  • Make Austin
  • Model Mini 1000 custom
  • Colour Blue
  • Odometer
  • Engine size 1797
Listing Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Leed
  • Location Yorkshire
  • Country United Kingdom

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