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There are custom built cars and then there are top-notch custom-built cars. This 69 Camaro SS is a very fine, high quality custom build with no expenses spared. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind custom that is a top award winner. Exterior is a Viper Red with BASF paint. Paint is flawless and in top show condition. The front ...

24 Aug 2022
United States of America

Ford’s senior executive Lee Iacocca gave the Lincoln Continental Mark III a signature styling with the stand-up grill and tire bustle on the trunk deck. The new design theme defined the Lincoln Mark brand for years. This is a superb 1969 Lincoln Mark III that is all original with barely 60,000 actual miles. It has ...

23 Aug 2022
United States of America

As baby boomers were reaching the driving age, Ford had the vision to build economical cars with exciting designs, more comfort and great performance. The Mustang was developed with this in mind. It was sporty and more sophisticated than other previous models. Ford proved that thorough market research combined with curb ...

22 Aug 2022
United States of America

Due to the Great Depression, the Buick company was at a low point in production and only 40,620 cars were built. Fortunately, Harlow Curtice who ran the company was very efficient and a great leader. The Buick Company had an advantage in the marketplace as the overhead valve inline 8 engine and the braced X frame put Buick ...

21 Aug 2022
United States of America

The Pontiac GTO is one of the most popular muscle cars in automotive history. In 1966, most models came equipped with the standard 389 CID engine. The infamous Tri-Power upgrade was and is the most sought-after power source. GMs advertising called the Pontiac GTO Ultimate Tiger. It has been named and is known as The ...

18 Aug 2022
United States of America

This is a rare and desirable collector car. Only 20,172 Chevrolet convertibles were produced for the 1951 year. How many can still be in existence today? The former owner restored this car. It is solid and has new Moonstone Cream paint. The top is tan and in excellent good condition. The tan interior appears to ...

25 Sep 2021
United States of America

This is a very rare collector car and one you wont see very often. Only 550 1928 Auburn Phaeton convertible sedans were produced that year. How many models could possibly remain in existence today? 1928 was the first year for roll up window on the four door convertible. This prewar beauty is an award-winning car that ...

24 Sep 2021
United States of America

This 1935 Plymouth has been in the hands of serious collectors for some years now. It came out of an estate of a classic car hobbyist and now resides with a collector in Kentucky. The car was a tour car for 30 years. It is and older restoration and in great condition, not a show piece but certainly a nice, solid presentable ...

20 Sep 2021
United States of America