1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special (ex Totò)


  • Previously owned by Antonio De Curtis, one of Italy’s most legendary actors, nicknamed as "the prince of laughter"
  • Protagonist of exhibitions and festivals in the Italian capital
  • Previously displayed at Civita Film Fest, and the courtyard of Palazzo Valentini in Rome 
  • In need of restoration, though is reportedly in marching order
  • Interesting investment for those who operate in the "show business" 

The Appeal

Purchased new by legendary Italian actor Antonio De Curtis - affectionately known as Totò -, this unique Cadillac was presented in a fairly standard black livery. It is believed that the famously eccentric actor opted to add a touch of unique flair to his pride and joy after the shoot, but there is no evidence of this actually being his choice. 
Indeed, at some point in the late 60s, the car got reupholstered. On the outside it was covered with a two-tone yellow and green velvet! It probably was a bold decision and made the car a distinctly eye-catching addition to the Italian roads, one that was instantly recognisable with a kitschy flair.
The car became almost as famous as the man himself, and following his death has become a much-sought-after, regularly-displayed legend in the film memorabilia market. Indeed, it’s taken pride of place at the Civita Film Fest, and the 2010 Wine and Food Film Festival in Rome, where it was displayed in the courtyard of Palazzo Valentini. Unfortunately, it’s often been mistaken as a 62 DeVille, but the Fleetwood branding and VIN keep this distinct and makes the vehicle’s type clear.
Flamboyant, regularly admired, and a perfect candidate for restoration, this unique vehicle’s incredible history goes well beyond your ordinary Cadillac. However, the car’s own stylish lines and impressive performance still make for an unbeatable American classic. 

The History and Paperwork

  • First imported when new in 1954
  • Here, it was wearing a black livery
  • First registered under the title His Imperial Highness Antonio of the Constantinian lineage of the Focas of Byzantium
  • Following research, this fact seems to be Totò himself, who once attempted a legal claim at the Byzantium throne
  • Following this, it was refinished in its current green velvet, though we can’t confirm the year
  • It was owned before by the vendor’s father, a well-known doctor and car collector, also co-founder of the Classic Car Club Napoli, which is one of the biggest associations of old motors enthusiasts in Italy
  • Since then, the car has been a regular sight at museum and festivals
  • Displayed at the Courtyard of Palazzo Valentini from July 27th to August 13th 2010
  • Displayed at the San Giorgio Martire in Petrella Tifernina from 2014-2017
  • Since then it has largely been kept in storage
  • Recently serviced, bringing the car back into marching order
  • The paperwork file includes the following:
    • Registration certificate starting from the car’s second owner
    • Automobile Club D’Italia chronologic extract
  • Paperwork proves the car’s history

The Interior

  • Unmodified interior that is beginning to show clear signs of its age
  • Blue leather bench seating
  • Exposed fibre sound deadening
  • Fleetwood branding
This unique Cadillac has been through many years without very much work carried out, and is beginning to look worse for wear. The result is that the big, roomy cabin is showing clear signs of age that will require some investment. At some point, the carpets have been removed, exposing the long-expired fibre sound deadening, which will need removal.
The seats, though still looking solid and distinctly supple, are carrying a few rips and tears throughout, though this is far less noticeable in the rear bench seat compared to the front. The door cards show some staining, possibly from water ingress, as do the passenger armrests. 
The dashboard, though completely original and looking very solid - has lost some of its shine, with the odd spot of surface corrosion or paint loss. However, all of the instruments are very readable, though we’re unable to verify if all of the options are in working order.
The headlining is relatively clean and well-mounted, with no sagging, rips or tears that we can highlight, but some spots of discolouration, while the carpets in the rear are still present and look to be in good order, with no major faults we can highlight.

Ultimately, for the wear that the car has received, the interior looks solid and is a good candidate for repair and restoration. 

The Exterior 

  • Unusual green velvet flocked finish
  • Seemingly unmodified since its celebrity owner
  • Some missing pieces of trim
  • Fleetwood branding and distinct hood ornament
While it’s certainly a product of its time, there’s no denying that the green-flocked finish of this Cadillac is bound to turn a few heads. The bright two-tone colour scheme is so affably retro that it practically seems parodic. 
All of the Cadillac’s bodywork - from the distinctive grill to the sweeping roofline and fabulous rear wings - looks to be in good order, with no dents or dings we can seem to spot. However, it has been subject to some fairly obvious corrosion and wear, with the velvet showing obvious bald spots and the odd bit of uneven pile. The two-tone yellow and green, however, still make for a distinct and bold contrast. There is the occasional tear to the covering, which is exposing metal.
Some pieces of the trim are missing here and there, with the occasion badge mount being visible and one of the distinctive side grilles missing a bar. The remaining chromework is showing some signs of corrosion and patina, but largely appears fairly bright.
The black character trims to the front and rear are somewhat scratched after years of use, but look to be in relatively solid order, while the lights and glasswork are all fairly clean and free - to our eyes - of cracks and fractures.
The car’s wheels appear brightly presented and original to the period. The front set of wheels are whitewalls, while the rear are in the more ordinary black. We’d recommend that these are overdue for replacement. 
Underneath, the car is complete but showing some signs of corrosion, but this appears to be largely surface level in nature and not of any major concern. 

The Mechanics 

  • Powered by Cadillac’s 5.4L OHV V8 engine
  • 4-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission
  • Engine bay is in fair order, with some signs of wear
Powered by an impressive V8 engine, the Cadillac Sixty Special is a refined sort of car that became increasingly popular for the elite in Hollywood - it’s perhaps this reason Totò took notice and decided it was the perfect car for him. These cars boasted power steering, electric windshield washers and a four-way electrical bench seat - plus Bendix power brakes - which led to a pretty impressive specification for the discerning driver. 
The car is now reported as "marching", which is a reassuring sign for the vehicle’s mechanical condition, although some work is surely required to put it in proper order.

While the engine bay is showing some wear, and the car is peppered by surface-level corrosion underneath, it’s far from a lost cause and should make for a good project for the dedicated enthusiast. We certainly can’t spot anything of major concern.

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An utterly unique history and inimitable styling make this Sixty Special one of the Italian film industry’s most beloved vehicles. Long exhibited, this car is now crying out to be brought back into its retro splendour, whether it’s intended for the museum circuit or a much-prized private collectable. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1954
  • Make Cadillac
  • Model Series 62
  • Colour Green
  • Odometer 68,837 Miles
  • Engine size 5400
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Rome
  • Country Italy
Bidding history
76 bids
  • is•••• €34,000 07/05/23
  • pe•••• €33,750 07/05/23
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