1962 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 OTS


  • One of just 943 right-hand-drive S1 OTS cars built
  • Fully restored in 2001, remaining in incredible condition today
  • Numbers-matching example according to Heritage Certificate

The Appeal

Introduced in 1961, the Jaguar E-Type was poised for success with award winning and instantly recognisable aesthetics mixed with ground-breaking technological design and performance. Released to positive praise, the Series I cars were built from 1961 to 1968; originally released with a 3,781 CC straight six engine producing right around 265 horsepower, then moving to a 4.2L 4,235 CC version of the same XK engine. 

This particular E-Type is notably rare, being just one of 943 original right-hand-drive 3.8 S1 OTS cars, and in addition to that it was the only Series I 3.8 OTS car to be originally exported for sale in Pakistan, as confirmed by the Jaguar Heritage Trust Certification. 

Undergoing an extensive restoration over the course of six years, this E-type has also been fitted with a few creature comforts to help guarantee its continued use into the future, while every care has been taken to preserve the original period styling of the car. 

Fully documented upon returning to the UK, and currently in incredible visual and mechanical condition, this Jag is ready to be taken on your next big tour. Without any known issues or work to be completed, it’s all in order and just waiting to be enjoyed by a new owner.

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The History and Paperwork

  • Numbers-matching vehicle with heritage certificate present
  • Previous owner fully restored the vehicle, work ending around 2001
  • MoT and VED exempt vehicle in the UK
  • Vehicle was originally cream, painted red in Pakistan, and now Old English White (Paint Code 2680)
  • Bespoke fitted luggage, cotton car cover, all weather outside cover, E-Type tool roll, original wheel mallet, UK paperwork history file with invoices, previous owners’ restoration photos, as well as a few assorted manuals and catalogues will come with sale
  • Assortment of spare bits: spare driver seat bottom cushion for taller driver, fuses, bulbs, plugs, leads, fuel pump, pads, filters etc.
  • Everything taken off has been retained and is available to come with sale

Originally exported for sale in Pakistan at Palad & Co., Karachi, this original RHD E-type left the factory “cream” in colour, as noted on the Heritage Certificate. While not much history has remained concerning its time in Pakistan, it was well taken care of and loved by its owner there, receiving a bright red paint change.

The car was then imported to the UK on November 21st,  1989, and was sold to a new owner for imminent restoration in 1995. Over the period of the next 6 years, it underwent a full and well-documented restoration, with a reported £31,420.91 (not adjusted for inflation) spent on restoration parts and labour; see photos outlining full list of restoration works performed, as it is quite extensive. After completing the restoration, it was registered for the first time in the UK on April 5th, 2001.

In 2003, it was sold to the current owner, who has used the vehicle for pleasure and maintained the vehicle excellently through a local and highly-renown classic specialist JWORX Automotive. In addition to regular maintenance, the current owner has also updated the Jag with a few period-style creature comforts, improving the ease-of-use of the vehicle.

While the vehicle is MoT and VED exempt, the current owner does have record of consistent MoTs, along with their associated milage as below. Keep in mind that since the dashboard only displays 5 digits of the mileage, it is possible the vehicle could have more mileage than it is currently showing. 

  • 28.3.01 – 17,391
  • 28.3.02 – 17,566
  • 5.4.03 – 18,237
  • 7.4.04 – 22,142
  • 8.4.05 – 25,007
  • 5.4.06 – 26,720
  • 26.3.07 – 28,592
  • 19.6.10 – 30,220
  • 14.6.11 – 31,137
  • 12.7.12 – 31,780
  • 8.7.13 – 32,253
  • 10.7.14 – 32,638
  • 9.7. 5 – 33,343
  • 6.7.16 – 34,168
  • 10.7.17 – 34,869
  • 10.7.18 – 35,391
  • 15.7.19 – 36,080
  • 20.8.20 – 36,438
  • 18.8.21 – 37,299
  • 28.7.22 – 37,910
  • 3.8.23 – 38,504

With other projects now at hand, the current owner is reluctant to sell the car, but acknowledges that it is ready to be enjoyed by a new owner. With proper storage and upkeep, the current owner feels supremely confident that this E-Type will provide the new owner with worry-free enjoyment for years to come.  

The Interior

  • Interior shows in fully restored and beautiful current condition
  • Excellent red interior colourway accenting the elegance of the vehicle
  • Period style radio, original type Motorola 707t with modern gubbins supplied by The Vintage Wireless Co. 

The current state of the car is a result of the previous owner’s full restoration, completed in 2001. While the interior has seen a fair bit of use since the restoration took place, the current condition is still very good, and equally remains visually period correct. While the Heritage Certificate shows the original interior trim colour as being black, the updated red comes as an excellent compliment to the elegance of the vehicle.  

The condition of the interior is quite good, with no notable issues spotted, and plenty of character supplied all around. The seats, carpets, trim, dashboard, centre console, and steering wheel are all in immaculate condition, with no signs of significant use seen and everything looking like new. From the shining centre aluminium trim, to the door cards, and boot, we could not complain about any single aspect of the car’s interior condition. The only room for improvement we do see is the underside of the dashboard could be tidied up a slight bit if the next owner so desires. 

The soft top hood is also in great working condition, however some of the rubber trim and seals could be replaced as it is starting to deteriorate slightly. The left side door glass contacts the hood mechanism, so it could use some slight adjustment if the new owner is planning to use it more than the current owner has.  

In the boot, we have an excellent condition spare wheel and tire, purchased at the same time as the other four wheels, a complete tool roll, jack, wheel knock-off wrench, and mallet to assist. The fuel tank and all surrounding metalwork is in great condition and showing no signs of corrosion or leaks. 

The Exterior 

  • Paint in great condition and the bodywork is straight with even panel gaps
  • No signs of corrosion or other neglect seen
  • Underside in incredible shape

The exterior of this E-type is in very good condition, having seen care and attention since its repaint and restoration in 2001. Originally supplied with a “cream” colourway as per the Heritage Cert, the car was repainted in Pakistan to a bright red. However, the red exterior no longer shows, as the car was repainted to Old English White. 

The paintwork itself is in great condition for the time since the restoration, with only a few little imperfections as photographed. Notably on the bonnet, we saw a few marks from the road in the front, and some cracking of the paint by the rear of the bonnet bulge and up front closer to the left side headlight. We did also see a few small scratches around the vehicle showing its use over the last 22 years, but none of which were notable or detract whatsoever from the overall appearance of the car. 

Brightwork is in good condition, but does show some signs of use in the form of micro-scratching as seen prominently on the chrome door trims, however these seem to be normal use wear and tear and are not noticeable unless up close. There is no sign of pitting or corrosion anywhere on the brightwork that we could see, and the rubber gussets all seem to be in place. We did spot one small ding in the front bumper on the left side of the car.

Headlights, taillights, and side lights are all in great condition with no signs of fading or other damage from the elements. There are a couple small impact marks from the road, but nothing we could see that detracts from the overall condition. There is a medium sized section of heavy scratches on the front windshield as pictured, but this does not interrupt the driver’s view in any way. 

The underside also shows very well, with no signs of corrosion seen, and no unusual leaks or drips present. Suspension bushes and other joints all appear to be in top condition and ready to be driven with intent. 

 The Mechanics 

  • 3.8 Straight six starts on the button and runs incredibly well
  • Standard 4-speed transmission shifts into gear smoothly
  • Tripple SU carbs present and well-tuned
  • Full engine rebuild during restoration period

Performing flawlessly on our drive to the photo location, this E-Type is smooth and nippy, and is said to brake, steer, and accelerate as good or better than when new. 

In addition to documented upkeep and maintenance performed mostly by JWORX automotive—a highly-reputable classics specialist—the owner has also updated the Jag with a few creature comforts, listed below:

  • Cooling system: Coolcat fan (USA motor & multiblade fan that fits standard mount and fan shroud)
  • Silicone hoses by Fosseway Performance
  • Forlife radiator fluid
  • Brakes: front 4 pot by Coopercraft
  • Wheels: five new MWS rims with Dunlop SP sports tyres, fitted July 2015
  • Lights: updated system by Better Car Lighting
  • Upgraded shorter PL units to take H4 bulbs
  •  LED side light/daylight running
  •  Led dash bulbs
  •  Dynamo replaced by Fosseway Performance Dynator C42 style (alternator in dynamo housing – preserves period look)
  • Aldon Igniter Positive Earth 
  • Electronic ignition in original distributor casing
  • Lucas Sports Coil
  • Discarnect battery isolation switch
  • Fosseway Performance high performance starter motor

With an effort to maintain period-styling, the current owner has made these modifications in order to make the Jag just a bit easier to drive on a consistent and reliable basis, and notes that the improvements that have been made are all reputable brands and are well-engineered. 


A prime example of an early E-Type, this numbers-matching car has been completely restored to a high level, and remains in top mechanical and visual condition today. Without any notable missing bits, work to be performed, or any immediate needs whatsoever, this Jag is ready and raring to put on more miles, or could just as easily find a new home in any Jaguar collector’s garage.

On top of that, thanks to a bit of modernisation from the current owner, this one can be driven as often as you like without some of the downfalls often associated with classic cars of this era.


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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1962
  • Make Jaguar
  • Model E-Type Series 1 OTS
  • Colour White
  • Odometer 38,630 Miles
  • Engine size 3781
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Broadway
  • Location Worcestershire
  • Country United Kingdom

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