1968 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Mulliner Park Ward


  • Attractive coupé styling
  • Comprehensive inspection report
  • Previously overhauled 
  • Owned by one family since 1971, with one previous owner before that
  • 1 of 369 MPW Coupes produced

The Appeal

If ever there was a car which we could call a “people’s” luxury vehicle, surely the Silver Shadow would be a contender. It brought the Spirit of Ecstasy within reach of a wider audience and has been introducing people to Rolls-Royce ownership ever since.

But this particular example is a coupé-bodied Shadow, built by Mulliner Park Ward. The two door body has attractive, sweeping lines while still retaining the politely imposing stance of any Rolls-Royce. 

It is in need of recommissioning for use on the road, and comes with a thorough inspection report from Frank Dale — set out below — which details the work required. So it will make a great project and a superbly impressive motorcar once complete. It's certainly a rare project too - Just 571 MPWs were built, with 369 of those reportedly built in RHD. If that wasn't enough to tempt you, it's been owned by one family since 1971, with just one owner prior to that.

The History and Paperwork

  • First registered 22nd January 1968
  • Originally purchased by an ex-Army major from supplying dealer Howells of Cardiff
  • Purchased by the current owner’s grandfather in 1971 with 22,000 miles on the odometer
  • The car was stored off the road for some time before a partial restoration was undertaken by Healey Brothers in 1997
  • Another overhaul was undertaken in 2010
  • Comes with a recent professional assessment by Frank Dale
  • Road Tax and MOT exempt 
  • The private registration number ‘8777 DA’ is included in the sale
  • The current V5C shows 0 former keepers. But the vendor tells it has had at least 3 owners in the same family since 1971, plus the original owner in 1968

The Interior

  • The interior is in very good condition for its age, with few signs of wear throughout 
  • The headlining is clean secure and is not sagging 
  • The carpets would benefit from cleaning but are otherwise well presented and retain a deep pile.
  • Front seats showing some patina/cracking in the leather due to their age but there are no signs of any rips or tears.
  • The rear seats are in an excellent state of preservation
  • The dashboard veneers and door tops present very well, with only a few small blemishes on the outer edges of the front doors and some dulling to the lacquer
  • Full complement of instruments and switches
  • Commodious boot to the rear 

The Exterior 

  • The bodywork is in generally very good condition, with only a few very slight creases noted on the NSR wing, visible only at certain angles
  • The paintwork along the flanks of the vehicle is in good order
  • But there is some fading on the upper faces of the wings roof, bonnet and boot panels 
  • The vendor has treated a small area with cutting compound and some of the shine was restored
  • The chrome badge rail, grille, Spirit of Ecstasy, window trims and other trim pieces are in good condition, with only a little dulling and age-related patina, 
  • There are no obviously missing trim pieces.
  • The electrically operated aerial is currently inoperable
  • All four wheels are shod in Avon Turbospeed tyres, which are said to be in good condition

The Mechanics 

  • This Shadow is being sold as a restoration project, due to requiring a full mechanical overhaul and recommissioning
  • The car has reportedly starts, runs and drives 
  • Its recent running has been limited to loading/unloading from transport to-and-from Frank Dale (see report below), to avoid unnecessary stress on the braking system
  • The engine bay itself is in well patinated condition, so it would be highly receptive to detailing
  • A full assessment and report on the car’s mechanical condition has been carried out - please see below:

Road Test

  • Due to the braking systems being inadequate, no road test has been carried out – once brakes / hydraulics have been attended to, a road test shall be carried out and further items may be reported
  • Recommend full service, ideally full hydraulic service
  • Most rubbers / perishables generally show signs of ageing / cracking

Engine & Transmission Items

  • Engine belts old and sitting low in pulley grooves
  • Slight play in water pump and sign of leak on pump body
  • Engine oil dipstick is dirty and traces of hard matter present, note / rectify in service
  • Oil pressure tests well
  • Front of engine wet / oily - clean and tighten, run, recheck, and report further if necessary
  • Rocker covers damp / weeping - clean and tighten / recommend resealing
  • Sides of engine are wet - clean and tighten, run, recheck, and report further if necessary
  • Carbs wet around float chambers and jets - recommend removing and resealing carburettors as necessary.
  • Short stove pipe is broken - renew stove pipe with carburettor reseal.
  • Coolant level was low
  • Some fuel hoses are hard - recommend renewing fuel hoses
  • OSR engine mount is cracking and has oil contamination but is not split
  • Front engine mount has oil contamination but is not split
  • Gearbox leaking around selector shaft / linkages - clean and tighten, run, recheck, and report further if necessary
  • Rear axle pinion damp - recommend renewing axle pinion seal
  • NS driveshaft seal / detroit plug wet - recommend renewing nearside driveshaft seal
  • OS driveshaft boot split - renew offside driveshaft boot

Steering & Suspension Items

  • PAS pump damp - clean and tighten, run, recheck, and report further if necessary
  • Steering column joint has play and boot is wet - recommend removing lower column and disassembling to investigate play
  • Bearing pins and washers worn / cracking - recommend renewing all bearing pins and washers
  • Panhard bar bushes completely gone - renew panhard bar bushes
  • OSF upper ball joint has excessive play - adjust play from OSF upper ball joint
  • NSF lower ball joint has excessive play - adjust play from NSF lower ball joint
  • Rear axle beam mounts split - renew rear axle beam mounts
  • Recommend renewing torque arm mounts at same time as axle beam mounts

Brakes & Hydraulics Items

  • No.2 braking system not working at all - investigation required - begin by removing rear brake pump
  • No.1 accumulator gas pressure at 30% remaining. Recommend removing and overhauling both accumulator spheres and valve bodies
  • Brake pumps appear corroded but dry
  • Brake reservoir levels were low
  • Reservoir lids were seized on
  • Front brake discs are banded type and corroding - recommend renewing front brake discs and pads
  • Front brake pads / caliper pistons, particularly inners, very tight to return / squeeze back
  • NSR brake disc a little greasy around centre witness holes
  • One height control hose is still original type fitted - recommend renewing all height control hoses
  • Rear brake and height control pipes are corroding - recommend cleaning and treating rear pipework as necessary
  • No casing over rear parking brake cables - recommend renewing both rear parking brake cables
  • Parking brake sticks on / is slow to release - service and cable renewals should rectify this, however further investigation could possibly be required

Electrical Items

  • A brand new replacement battery has been fitted.
  • Bonnet light not working - investigation required
  • Blower motor mounts are splitting - recommend renewing all blower motor mounts
  • OSF window not working - investigation required
  • OSR window sticks and won't open fully - investigation required
  • OS number plate light not working - investigation required
  • NS indicator tell-tale light not working - investigation required
  • NS inner headlamp lens is 'milky' - recommend renewing NS inner headlamp
  • Main beam tell-tale light is not working - investigation required
  • OSF fog light is not working - investigation required
  • No sound is coming through radio - investigation required
  • Fuel and coolant gauges stick and require tapping - remove gauges and send for specialist repair
  • Coolant gauge is reading hot - investigation required
  • Dynamo (brushes) buzz a little
  • Screen washers not working, fluid very dirty - investigation required

Other Items

  • Bonnet grommet missing - supply and fit bonnet grommets
  • Scuttle filter breaking up - renew scuttle filter
  • Cosmetic imperfections across body and general vehicle
  • Some body corrosion across lower panels and arches
  • Dents in driver’s door
  • Front body drain blocked and corroded - clear drain
  • Boot seal in poor condition - recommend renewing boot seal
  • NSF quarter light seized - investigation required
  • Demister not blowing hot to OS side of screen - investigation required
  • OSR bumper is loose - tighten rear bumper as necessary


In all, this Silver Shadow is a very attractive motorcar, especially as it’s a Mulliner Park Ward bodied coupé. It certainly deserves to be returned to the road, and with the comprehensive report provided you'll know what this work might entail.

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1968
  • Make Rolls Royce
  • Model Silver Shadow MPW Restoration/Recommission Project
  • Colour Silver
  • Odometer 62,217 Miles
  • Engine size 6230
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Location London
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
27 bids
  • Ph•••• £16,000 31/05/23
  • da•••• £15,500 31/05/23
  • co•••• £15,250 31/05/23
  • da•••• £14,750 31/05/23
  • hu•••• £14,500 31/05/23
  • da•••• £14,250 31/05/23
  • Ma•••• £13,990 31/05/23
  • da•••• £13,250 31/05/23
  • Ma•••• £12,900 31/05/23
  • da•••• £12,500 31/05/23

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