• Iconic homologation special
  • Imported from Japan in 2021
  • Unmodified and in factory spec
  • Extensively refurbished after import
  • Just 79,000Km on the clock
  • Comprehensive inspection report
  • Rolling road tested

The Appeal

When it comes to homologation specials, there are a few names that will send any petrolhead into a wistful trance: Ur Quattro, Integrale, RS500 and, of course, the E30 M3. Built so that BMW’s M division could go touring car racing (rules required a homologation run of at least 5,000 road-going cars), it may look similar to a standard E30, but it was anything but.
The wizards at M division (then known as BMW Motorsport GmbH) kept little bar the roof and doors stock. Pretty much everything else was lightened, enhanced and improved. The 2-litre four-cylinder was bored out to 2.3-litres and produced a heady 200hp while plastics were widely used for the bootlid and bodykit to keep the weight and centre-of-gravity low.
It was all worth it. A performance legend was born. To this day, the E30 M3 remains the most successful DTM racer of all time, and the road-going version is ever-more sought-after and collectible.
Which is where the stunning creation you see here comes in. Imported from Japan a couple of years ago, it has been carefully and meticulously restored to as close to factory as possible. With extensive use of OEM parts and fitments, we think this is very close to the experience of driving a factory-fresh E30. Highly prized and increasingly rare, be sure not to miss out on this superb, unmodified example of one of the finest performance cars ever built.

The History and Paperwork

  • Imported from Japan in 2021
  • Registered in Poland but currently located in Augsburg, Germany
  • Extensively refurbished, using genuine BMW parts wherever possible
  • Inspection report included
  • Rolling road tested after refurbishment
  • 79,000Km on the clock, which the vendor believes to be genuine

The Interior

  • Interior completely disassembled, cleaned and reassembled
  • Replacement parts sourced wherever required
  • Original black leather upholstery
  • Period Sony radio/cassette player and 10CD changer
  • Electric windows and door mirrors
  • Air conditioning
We love the fact that the vendor has retained as much of the car’s originality as possible, so as not to eliminate its character. Nowhere is this more evident than in the seats. They are eminently usable and show no signs of sagging or notable damage. But the leather wears a gentle, genuine patina, with a network of soft creases and light cracks that hint at the car’s age.

The dark grey carpeting with complementary floor mats looks subtle and restrained in the cabin. It presents in fine fettle, with no damage, threading or staining apparent. Similarly, the dark grey headlining is nice and secure, looking taut and undamaged.
All of the instruments, switchgear and trim pieces present very well too. We didn’t really see any evidence of wear and certainly no damage. Nothing appeared to be cracked, misaligned or warped.
We are assured by the vendor that everything works just as it should, with no faults or issues declared in regard to the cabin functions.
The boot space is finished with a dark grey carpet which looks nice and clean. Underneath is a full-size spare wheel, while we note that the boot floor itself is in excellent condition, with no evidence of damage or corrosion. The traditional BMW toolkit, in its hinged case under the bootlid, is present and correct too.

The Exterior

  • Smart Lachssilber Metallic paintwork (code 203)
  • Original BMW M3 bodykit
  • Genuine Style 5 alloy wheels
  • A matched, fresh set of Yokohama Advan tyres
The E30 M3 doesn’t need loud or lairy colours to make an impact, that widened, purposeful body, high rear wing and deep bodykit are all that’s needed to convey that this is a serious performance machine. We adore the restrained, subtle Lachssilber Metallic paintwork of this car. It presents in excellent overall condition, with a lustrous, deep shine. We didn’t see any evidence of notable marks or blemishes.
The bodywork itself, including that iconic bodykit, all looks very straight and tidy. We saw no signs of warping, corrosion, misalignment or any other issues. The panel gaps look nice and even, while the lines are all crisp and neat.
Looking at the rest of the trim – such as the light lenses, badging and glass elements – all appears to be present and correct, with no chipping, cracking or damage on show.
Underneath the car looks to have been restored to a very high standard. The floors and sills look straight and undamaged, while the drivetrain components are very clean with no issues apparent – in fact it’s obvious that many of them have been renewed or refreshed. We’re informed by the vendor that the car has been rust-proofed too, so should remain in fine condition for many years to come.
Finishing the look off in style, the car rides on a correct set of period Style 5 alloy wheels. They show very nicely, being recently refurbished, with no kerb damage we could see, and are shod in a matched set of Yokohama Advan tyres that looks to be quite new and have good tread depth.

The Mechanics

  • 2.3-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Five-speed “dog-leg” transmission
  • Full service and inspection in February 2023
The car has been comprehensively refurbished mechanically after import, utilising genuine BMW parts and workmanship wherever possible. We’re told that the following works, amongst others, have been completed:
  • Refurbishment of the brake callipers
  • New brake discs and pads
  • New brake hoses and sensors
  • New Yokohama tires
  • Replacement of the shock absorbers
  • All rubber suspension components replaced with new ones
  • New anti-roll bar links
  • Prop-shaft refurbishment
  • All suspension elements have been re-galvanized
  • New fuel tank
  • New fuel pumps with regulator
  • New engine cover
  • Bushes replaced under the gearbox
  • New water pump
  • Spark plugs replaced
  • Engine compression check
  • Oil and fuel pressure check
  • Intake system leak check
  • Replacement of coolant pump and belts
  • New air and oil filters
  • Fresh Motul engine oil
  • Gearbox gasket replacement
  • Valve clearances and timing checked and set
  • Replacement of the power steering fluid reservoir
The car retains its original factory power, documented by the measurements taken on the rolling road. We’re told that the car runs and drives well, with no faults whatsoever to report.


An E30 M3, especially one in such great condition that hasn’t been modified, is a proper “bucket list” car for many enthusiasts. We’ve rarely seen such a fine example, so we’d encourage you not to allow this stunning homologation special to get by.

Notice to bidders

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Shipping and transfer

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Auction FAQs
Vehicle specification
  • Year 1987
  • Make BMW
  • Model M3 (E30)
  • Colour Silver
  • Odometer 78,999 Kilometres
  • Engine size 2300
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Trade
  • Town Augsburg
  • Country Germany
Bidding history
16 bids
  • pa•••• €77,000 04/06/23
  • ac•••• €76,000 04/06/23
  • pa•••• €75,000 04/06/23
  • ac•••• €72,000 04/06/23
  • pa•••• €70,000 02/06/23
  • ge•••• €68,000 02/06/23
  • pa•••• €66,000 01/06/23
  • ge•••• €65,000 01/06/23
  • pa•••• €62,500 31/05/23
  • pa•••• €60,000 31/05/23

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