NO RESERVE! - 1994 Mini Cooper 1.3i SPi

No Reserve!


﹒Immaculate, rust-free condition
﹒Painted Union Jack roof 
﹒Enthusiast owned and maintained
﹒Recent full respray in factory red

The Background

The Mini needs no introduction. It’s an automotive legend, a pop culture icon and one of those cars that we all weather had, or knew someone who had. Born out of Leonard Lord’s displeasure at the invasion of German micro cars, the Mini was a revolution in terms of design and engineering, and in being so, it reinvented the way cars were built. It was, to use Lord’s words, “a proper miniature car”. 
It was one that would be around for a long, long time. As is evidenced by the car offered here. Launched in 1959, the Mini would live on until the year 2000. The model we have here is from 1994. But don’t think that makes it a model at the end of its life, as that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bosses at Rover did their utmost to keep the Mini modern and relevant, but without changing the car’s core design. As such, with this later model, you get electronic engine management, you get fuel injection and you get modern disc brakes. This car is the perfect modern classic. A shape that has been winning us over for decades, but with relatively modern and as such reliable underpinnings. And this one, just to seal the deal, has been cared for and maintained fastidiously.

DSC07211.jpg 1.34 MB

The History 

Enthusiast owned, this Mini came to the current owner in March of 2019. A presentable car, this late model Mini classic was to be a project. Solid in all the right places, it was in need of some minor cosmetic and mechanical work in order to bring it up to being the exceptional example it is now. The current owner has spared little expense in the pursuit of Mini perfection, and this car comes with all the invoices and receipts to back it up. 
As mentioned above, being a later model, this car is fitted with the 1.3 (1,275cc) fuel injected engine care of an electronically controlled single port injection system. This means 63bhp, which might not be much in supercar circles, but in a Mini with a tiny curb weight, it’s plenty. Make no mistake, this is a nippy little car! 
Since owning it, the current owner has had the car repainted, he has given it a complete mechanical overhaul including a refresh of the cooling system and a new clutch, the suspension has been overhauled and the interior has been given a spruce up, too. It really is in wonderful condition, with very little evident to fault it on. There seems to be no serious rust, the paint is in excellent order, it runs like a top and as such, it will make its new owner proud.

DSC07198.jpg 526.18 KB

The Paperwork

Kept organised and neat, there is ample paperwork to support the past adventures and life of this Mini. There are copies of old MOT certificates, some old tax discs and even the obligatory Haynes Manual. 
Then of course, there is all the paperwork and invoicing pertaining to the works actioned by the current owner. As mentioned, the car has been repainted in the original shade of red. However, care has been taken to preserve the roof, as this too is painted. It’s not a vinyl decal. There is also paperwork to support the work done to the mechanicals, such as the new clutch and the work to the cooling system. There are invoices for new Smiths gauges that have been fitted, along with other sundry items and trim parts. 
One quick look through the paperwork, the handbook and the invoices and it’s clear to see just how well this car has been cared for.

20201028_123246.jpg 5.73 MB

The Interior 

As you can see from the pictures, the interior is largely original and is in excellent order. There are no rips or tears, nor anything in the way of excessive wear. The walnut dash has been expertly fitted, as has the centre console. The dials are all bright and clear, with the middle three Smiths dials all being recent. There is also a modern CD head unit fitted. 
The door cards are all in excellent order, with no signs of warping or damp having ever got to them (a common issue). Furthermore, each door internal has been dressed with polished door pulls, window winders and dorr release catches. 
The half-leather, black with red piping seats are in great condition, with only the faintest sign of wear on the driver’s bolster, as to be expected. There is a full complement of seatbelts, too. The red carpet is recent, and is in near new condition. The headlining is also in excellent order, with no stains, rips or nics.
The glass is all in good condition, as are the rubbers. As such, there isn’t so much of a hint of any damp in the cabin. Furthermore, the heater works as it should and keeps the occupants toasty warm. Lovely. 
Finally, the boot has been lined in red carpet, making it a small but usable space to carry a small amount of luggage. It’s a lovely touch, and it serves to keep the fuel tank and spare wheel away from eggs, milk and bread! And again, the rubbers on the boot are mint, so there is no moisture in there. A rare find on a Mini!

DSC07307.jpg 778.68 KB

The Exterior 

Cheeky, charming and ultimately, cheerful. It’s just a fun, happy little car to look at. And one that delights as you inspect it closely. The paint is in lovely condition, but being recent, that’s to be expected. There are no heavy swirls, no scratches, no runs. It was clearly a very good job. The roof, which has been kept original, features a painted Union Jack. Furthermore, the rain channels/gutters are all clean and free from any sign of rust. In fact, the same can be said for all the cuttering on the car, as well as the external seams. They can be a hotbed for rust, but in the case of this charming little car, all is well. 
The Mini-lite alloy wheels are in generally good order, and wear recent rubber. All the Cooper emblems are present and correct. The black arch flares are all in good order, and have been affixed properly. The chrome is all bright and clean, with no heavy pitting or any other damage. 
The lights both front and rear are in good order. The front headlights have been swapped out for aftermarket units with ‘angel eye’ sidelights, which give the classic Mini a modern look. The indicator lenses are all new, the front spotlights too (and everything works). 
There is zero sign of any rust or rot, even when looking under the car. The front and rear valances are solid and have been protected. The sills look to be in excellent order and show no sign of any past plating or MOT repairs. Even the finned gearbox/sump is free from damage, which means nobody has accidentally clattered it into a speed bump!
On further inspection, the internal body structure is excellent too. The inner sills, the A pillars, the B pillars door internals are all free of rust, which is reassuring given how Minis can go here. No worries here though, as it’s rock solid.

If you want a bright, clean, well-presented Mini, this has to be it. It’s in beautiful condition with just enough age to ensure you’re not intimidated to drive it, but not so much that you couldn’t take it to a car show and be the envy of every onlooker. It is the perfect mix of classic, usable and also modern thanks to the ‘90s fixtures and fittings. 

DSC07313.jpg 1.3 MB

The Mechanics

The 1,275cc A Series fires into life and settles into a near silent idle without issue. It revs freely, cleanly and without any smoke or untoward noise, though of course the Cooper exhaust system doesn’t its bit to add a bit of a rasp as the revs build - rightly so. 
On the road, the four-speed manual transmission is slick and direct, and of course, the clutch has plenty of feel. The brakes are perfectly balanced, and the car doesn’t dart about as they’re applied. And of course, the all important steering is sharp, direct and to use the old cliche, most go kart like. 
Power is plentiful, and the Mini bombs along when asked. It’s a willing, fun little thing to press on in. And thanks to all the suspension being new, and greased where required, it grips the road with a pleasing surefooted keenness. And unlike other Minis, there are no untoward bumps, rattles or squeaks. Rest assured, the current owner has been fastidious when it comes to dialling this Mini in, and as such, it is an utter joy to drive.

DSC07231.jpg 1.01 MB

The Appeal

It’s a classic Mini Cooper with a good, strong set of mechanicals and a body free from rust, rot and modification. If you want a ‘90s Mini Cooper, this is the tonic you need. It’s a car that has been cared for, that has had money spent on it in all the right places, but that can also be taken out and driven. It’s not a ‘60’s Cooper that has been turned into a show pony. Instead, it’s a car you can drive and enjoy, but that you can also show off with great admiration. 

Minis of this era can sometimes be overlooked, but more fool those who do. The fuel injection, the 63bhp, the more modern interior and fittings… they serve to make what is a classic design something more modern. It’s the best of both worlds. But above all that, it’s a Mini, and who doesn't like the idea of owning one of those?

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Auction Details
  • Year 1994
  • Make Mini
  • Model Cooper 1.3i SPi
  • Colour Red
  • Mileage 63,169 Miles
  • Engine size 1275
  • Seller Type Private
  • County Yorkshire
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Auction ends
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  • co•••• £9,900 18/11/20
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  • Mi•••• £9,500 16/11/20
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