Classic Cars Mini For Sale

Classic Minis For Sale

If you’re looking to buy a classic Mini, you have come to the right place. Car & Classic has hundreds of them for sale, and one (or more!) could be yours. And thanks to being a global success, your classic Mini could be in the UK, or anywhere. But what if you’re new to the world of the classic Mini, be it from Morris, Austin, Rover or MINI itself? Don’t worry we have it all covered below. 

The classic Mini, as seen in The Italian Job and Mr. Bean was the work of legendary car designer and engineer, Alec Issigonis. It launched in 1959 and became an instant hit. Built to be rather utilitarian, Issigonis and Morris/Austin were stunned to see it find the popularity it did. People loved it. A retro Mini was advertised for under £500 (£496 195 2d, number fans) in 1959 and would seemingly drive forever on one tank of fuel. Cash conscious drivers loved it. 

But the Mini was more than cheap motoring. For many, it was a display of identity, which is why many a Mini on Car & Classic is modified. A modified classic Mini is a right of passage in the motoring world. Wheels, lights, seats, engines, graphics (Cooper stripes on an 850, anyone?) were all par for the course. A Mini was a car you had to modify. It’s why the Mini is still a hugely popular project car. It’s why we have so many classic Mini projects for sale, in fact. 

Then of course, at the turn of the millennium, things evolved with the BMW-backed MINI (all-caps, because this is when the model became a brand). Still front-wheel-drive, and still a riot to drive, BMW did the impossible and kept the spirit of those classic Minis alive. And now, at over twenty years old, they’re bona fide modern classics themselves in some cases. A truly fitting legacy vehicle, and one that has already found a home amongst the old Minis for sale. 

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