2000 Rover Mini Cooper Sport - John Cooper Works


• Low Mileage
• Sports pack fitted from factory
• John Cooper Garage conversion kit fitted
• One of the final classic minis off the line
• Well looked after

The Background 

The name Mini does not need any introduction. Whether you had one of the original minis as your first car or now drive around in the most modern electric mini it’s a piece of automotive design that will live on forever in the minds and hearts of enthusiasts and drivers alike.

Introduced in 1959 the Mk.1 mini would revolutionise car design and create a recipe that is still followed by many automotive companies across the world today. The space-saving idea to position the engine transversely with a front-wheel-drive layout would mean 80% of the car's floor plan would be devoted to passengers and luggage. Making the mini anything but its namesake.

The classic mini would stay in production for 40 years, seeing seven generations and millions of units the Mini is now an automotive legend known the world over. BMW would acquire the naming writes in the late ’90s and would start production of the modern mini in 2001. The mini name has more than likely touched everyone in the western world, an iconic name that still lives on today.

rGAPbyLoV1XvLfOnNO2G6gNOpRsg36F0SujqjwLq.jpeg 53.93 KB

The History 

First registered on the 29th of September 2000 this has to be one of the final classic rover minis that left the production line as production ended five days later on the 4th of October.

The person who first owned this mini was obviously after that classic rally looking mini and with this being the Mini Classic Cooper Sport it came standard with the four fog lights, wider wheel arches and metal handles on the inside.

If we take a look at the little bit of service history that is stamped in the book, we can see that it went from the Longbridge factory up to the Blackpool area, where it may have stayed for some time. There are a couple of pieces of paperwork to reference the fact that it has spent the majority of its life up near Blackpool, the best piece of paperwork that is within the small bundle is a piece of correspondence between one of the previous owners and John Cooper Works a factor that may be vital in proving the rarity of this little mini.

As has just been mentioned the most important and intriguing factor about this car is that it has had some rare John Cooper Garages parts fitted to it, this was an expensive conversion kit back in the day and genuine articles are now highly sort after amongst collectors and enthusiasts.

Purchased from a dealer in 2017, it has been looked after by the current owner. During this time, it has been kept under a cover and used to potter around town and do a few errands. Sadly, this special mini does not meet the needs of the current owner anymore, so, it has been decided that they will let someone else enjoy the thrills of one of the most iconic cars on the planet.

I5mX5iUdtWvHGKGlERDLH6wnqDJluUalAa6M96ja.jpeg 39.65 KB

The Paperwork 

There is only a few little bits of paperwork that will come with the car. These include the important V5 document, a few MOT certificates, an original Mini workshop manual and a few assorted invoices.

The most important piece of paperwork that is within the bundle is correspondence between one of the previous owners and John Cooper Works, this piece of paperwork links the car to having some sort of work done by the John Cooper Garages company and goes some way to prove that this is a genuine example.

Pz3SX8YMxOB1Rpq5jXCHGS0sFfge9IGYCkgp5ywO.jpeg 36.53 KB

The Interior

The interior looks as new and fresh as the day it left the production line in 2000. The black and silver trimmed seats are in great condition with no rips, tears or staining which is possibly thanks to the low mileage that this car has. Even things like the steering wheel and gear knob don’t show any signs of wear, which is again, an example of the low mileage and also the level of care put into this mini.

With this being one of the final Mini Classic Cooper Sports it has been fitted with an updated interior which consists of the aforementioned nickel-silver and black leather seats and door cards, polished alloy door handles and a beautifully turned alloy dashboard. All of these little features make the interior of this mini classic a great place to be.

The most important feature on the interior of this car can be found beside the driver's seat. You will find a small metal plaque that references that this car has had some love from the brilliant minds at John Cooper Garages Ltd. The plaque is stamped with car no S-115 which could imply that it was a kit done after it had left the factory by John Cooper Garages, but it is reported that the numbering structure was a bit random and varied.

Overall, the interior of this little mini is in excellent condition. With all of the extra features in such good condition coupled with the plaque from John Cooper Garages, it is a truly special example that will invite the new owner in to enjoy the thrills of a classic mini.

1BVmSD5OBII1pbG3dwPtLFa3EEuO391IrwmHUf5m.jpeg 33.8 KB

The Exterior

The exterior of this car is just iconic, the body shape of the classic mini is steeped in automotive history. This example is in great exterior condition with only a few spots that may need to be watched over the coming years.

With this being the Mini Classic Cooper Sport it means that it has been fitted with the wider flared wheel arches that were then big enough to accommodate the 13” sports alloys. The latter are in truly exceptional condition with no marks on them from arguments with curbs.

Information gathered from the Mini Register appears to show that just over 2000 Cooper sports left the factory in the year 2000. You were able to choose between four colours for your Cooper sport, these being Solar Red, Anthracite, British Racing Green and Tahiti Blue. You can see that this car has been finished in Tahiti Blue, an excellent colour that suits the Mini well and compliments the silver and black accents.

If you are to study the exterior images of the car you will see a few little patches of rust that may need to be sorted out soon, and there is a little bit of cracking to the racing stripes on the bonnet. But overall, these small imperfections should not detract from this little mini but only enhance its character. For an early ‘00s rover product, the small patches of rust are only minor and shouldn’t take too much to sort them out.

sr7JUAr18ROtjaw7W6xH3H5nKo1FxV5AO0EiVjYB.jpeg 51.02 KB

The Mechanics 

Mechanically this car is in fine fettle and drives like you would expect a classic mini to drive. It’s an engaging drive, something that you just don’t get on more modern cars. With this being one of the last classic minis off the line it means that the car was fitted with the popular sports pack from the factory. Which make this car a fun little drive.

There may not be a mountain of invoices or service history but just remember this car has only done 18,000 miles over the past 21 years, so it hasn’t had the chance to build up any of this kind of paperwork. The most important factor for the new owner to know is that this car starts straight up in all weathers, drives beautifully, stops well, and will always bring a smile not just to your face, but the face of anyone who sees it. In addition to its great driving dynamics the current owner has fitted a battery kill switch in the boot just to preserve the battery when not in use, it will also come with a spare battery.

With this car having the John Cooper Garages plaque on the interior, the John Cooper Garages sticker on the engine and the S Works intake we can deduce that the engine of this car has had some love from the mini wizards. With the John Cooper conversion kit, it took power from 62bhp, which is more than adequate in such a small package, all the way up to 90bhp which is almost a 30% increase in power, a huge gain for any tuner. With the addition of twin-pipe exhaust, it now sounds as good as it drives.

The new owner will be picking up a car with all the perks of the modern drivability twinned with the iconic classic mini exterior.

yu1yBEvOi9XFlXLtT59MTWGOJdVn8VesYKRrOVpZ.jpeg 54.12 KB

The Appeal 

What we have here is an excellent example of a much-loved classic car. With the iconic body shape of the original mini coupled with more modern running gear. It was a restomod before they existed. With thanks to the power increase from the John Cooper Garage conversion kit and better handling characteristics provided by the factory fitted sports pack this is one classic mini that will go as well as it looks. 

With the level of care that has been lavished over this mini over the past 21 years of its life, the new owner will be picking up a great example that will feel as good as it did when it left the factory. Thanks to the low mileage the interior and running gear are still in excellent condition which will allow the new owner to jump straight in and drive away with a massive grin on their face.

We have all watched the prices of the classic minis skyrocket over the past few years as they have become an extremely desirable car to be seen in. With this being a rare Mini Classic Cooper Sport and then on top of that being an even rarer John Cooper Garages variant this is not a classic that you see come up for sale often.

The new owner will be getting a great car for all occasions.

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Auction Details
  • Year 2000
  • Make Mini
  • Model Cooper
  • Colour Blue and Silver
  • Mileage 18,392 Miles
  • Engine size 1275
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Sevenoaks
  • County Kent
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Auction ends
Bidding history
29 Bids
  • st•••• £16,750 11/01/22
  • pe•••• £16,500 11/01/22
  • st•••• £16,250 11/01/22
  • Ch•••• £16,000 11/01/22
  • st•••• £15,750 11/01/22
  • Ch•••• £15,500 11/01/22
  • pe•••• £15,250 11/01/22
  • Ch•••• £15,000 11/01/22
  • Ch•••• £14,750 11/01/22
  • jo•••• £14,500 11/01/22

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