2005 Mazda MX-5 Icon


• Long MOT to Feb 2023
• Recently had new brakes fitted
• Icon edition
• 1.8-litre version
• Heated seats

The Background 

One of the most recognisable sports cars on the planet, the MX-5 has now been with us for over 30 years. In this time, it has gone through four generations, but throughout these changes it has never lost its ability to make the driver smile. The simple recipe of lightness, rear-wheel drive, revvy front-engine and a manual gearbox has been the reason for the MX-5’s success over its lifetime.

Within the past 30 years over a million MX-5 have been produced and sold, this makes it the bestselling two-seat sports car in history. Not only is it the best-selling sports car, but it is also the car with the most special editions, meaning if you’re looking for a specific kind of MX-5 you won’t be disappointed in the choice available.

MX5-10.jpg 2.76 MB

The History 

Leaving the factory in 2005 in the ‘Icon’ level of trim it has since covered 125,000 miles and possibly created as many individual memories as the number of miles it has covered. It's hard to give a definitive history of the vehicle, as the car's document file is quite thin.

What we do know for certain is that it's been in the possession of the current owners for just under a year. Within this time, it has been used as a daily commuter, a task that they tell us it has performed excellently. The car has asked for little in return and has only needed its brakes changing within this time. Having passed its MOT in February this year, it's ready to move on to its new owner.

MX5-38.jpg 2.57 MB

The Paperwork 

The new owner can expect the V5 to be present, but unfortunately this is all the paperwork to expect. However, with the legendary reliability and longevity of MX5s and Mazda vehicles in general, you can expect it to be good for many more years of thrilling drives. So do not let the lack of paperwork put you off.

NjfW3YyGuXzuILkjizm9D8Ah9OyLO6SblpKQF5TD.jpeg 1.74 MB

The Interior

The interior of this MX-5 is not showing its age at all - the switchgear on the dash is still legible, the labels haven’t been worn away by use. As part of the ‘Icon’ edition, the car was fitted with heated seats, trimmed in black leather with contrasting orange stitching. The gear knob and hand brake grip also share the same black leather with orange stitching. These lovely leather seats don’t have any rips or tears, and only have a small amount of sag around the headrest area.

Other special interior features that the Icon got over the basic MX-5 are a black leather steering wheel, silver audio fascia, silver air vent surrounds and an upgraded sound system. All of these features elevate it to be something just that little bit more exclusive than just another MX5.

The only item that is showing signs of wear within the interior is the gear knob. Overall the interior of this car is in great condition for the number of miles it has covered.

XCmOlqgQ7zdJi24MHYKJbEuOAvKq2irOm1pEl0NM.jpeg 47.12 KB

The Exterior

The exterior of the Icon editions was finished in either Black Mica, Chilli Orange, Titanium Grey or Sunlight Silver. This example has been finished in the excellent Black Mica colour and, with the black five-spoke alloys and black fabric roof, it looks sporting and aggressive.

MX5's do have a reputation for suffering with corrosion, and although the sills feel solid there are a few areas around the nearside rear wheel arch and a few patches on the bonnet that could do with some attention. As you'd expect from a car of this mileage, there are quite a few stone chips on the bonnet, but nothing too drastic so they should be a simple fix.

A really good thing to see is that the manual soft top is in great condition. The fabric has no marks, rips, or frayed seams that need to be addressed. The rear window is in good condition too with no signs of leaks. The folding mechanism is smooth and easy to operate, far quicker than any electric offering once you get the hang of it. Again, the simplicity of design here really is an advantage.

In all, there are a few spots on the exterior that could do with some attention to bring it up a good standard, but overall, it is presented in reasonable condition, certainly above average for its age and mileage. This is the kind of car you park up and look back at, a sign that it’s a special little thing.

MX5-17.jpg 2.07 MB

The Mechanics 

The MX-5 came with an option of two engines, a 1.6-lire or a 1.8-litre. The latter was fitted with a new variable valve timing system which gave the engine a little more torque. You will be happy to hear that this Icon has been fitted with the more powerful and tractable 1.8-litre unit.

It is hard to talk about the service history and any other work that has been carried out on this car due to the lack of paperwork. But the silver lining in all of this is that the current owners have used this over the past year as a daily driver, in all weathers, with no issues. The only thing that the car has asked for in all of that time is some fuel and a new set of brakes. The MX-5 is not only a fun, small sports car but it is also a reliable machine. Perfect for someone who just wants to hop in and enjoy the drive without worrying about whether you'll reach your destination.

bul5ofRFZNyP5YIc0KCfRIKS4wvCwPFNcsCWWesZ.jpeg 58.69 KB

The Appeal 

The MX-5 is already a modern classic and, although many people look at the Mk1 as the one to have, the Mk2 is in reality the better car to live with on a day-to-day basis. When you buy an MX-5 you’re not just buying a car, you’re buying entry into a vast community of enthusiasts around the world - advice, parts and assistance are readily available, making it a reassuring ownership proposition.

Whether you want to keep it standard or modify it to within an inch of its life, these charming little sports cars will work with you to achieve the experience you want to have. Mk2s are becoming more and more sought-after now too, so it's a great time to get hold of one. This MX-5 in particular is in good overall condition and is ready to drive away and enjoy!

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2005
  • Make Mazda
  • Model MX-5
  • Colour Black
  • Odometer 125,502 Miles
  • Engine size 1839
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Trade
  • Location Somerset
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
16 bids
  • ni•••• £1,900 24/06/22
  • cl•••• £1,800 24/06/22
  • ni•••• £1,700 24/06/22
  • al•••• £1,600 24/06/22
  • ni•••• £1,500 24/06/22
  • al•••• £1,400 24/06/22
  • ni•••• £1,300 24/06/22
  • cl•••• £1,200 24/06/22
  • ni•••• £1,100 24/06/22
  • cl•••• £1,000 24/06/22

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