Classic Cars Mazda For Sale

Classic Mazdas For Sale

Sitting alongside Toyota, Nissan and Honda as the backbone of the Japanese automotive industry, Mazda is perhaps most famous for trying to do something a little different with the internal combustion engine that we all know and love. We are of course talking about the rotary Wankel engine, a technology that Mazda pioneered and indeed popularised, but there's more to Mazda than unconventional motors. 

With over a century of history that has seen Mazda morph from a manufacturer of cork products founded in 1920 to a hugely successful global automotive company, Mazda’s story has always had engineering innovation at its heart, along with strong ties to motorsport, cutting its teeth and testing its cars in a competition environment, picking up numerous victories along the way, including the first Japanese car to win at Le Mans. 

So if you fancy a bit of revolutionary rotary power in the form of an eminently tunable sports car like the RX-7, a genre-defining roadster like the MX-5 or if you merely want a well-built, usable classic backed up by precision engineering and motorsport kudos then a classic Mazda is the car for you. 

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