NO RESERVE - 1974 Triumph Toledo V8


  • Custom-built V8 Toledo
  • Fitted with a 3l Stag engine
  • Dolomite Sprint under pinning’s
  • Very quick on the road
  • Interior upgrades – Rover BRM seats

The Appeal

A V8 Toledo you’re thinking, that doesn’t sound like a factory specification. Well, you’d be correct. Since 2005 this car has been under construction, utilising Dolomite Sprint and Stag parts it is an incredible marriage of three legendary Triumph names.

You need to get out and enjoy this car for what it is, you should not underestimate the power that this lightweight classic has on tap.

The History and Paperwork

  • Starting life out as a 1974 Toledo this example started its transformation in 2005
  • The current owner had a fascination with both standard and modified Triumph cars
  • The opportunity arose to purchase a Triumph Stag 3.0l V8 attached to a specially modified Dolomite subframe and overdrive gearbox 
  • It was off to the races after this purchase and the lengthy conversion began 
  • There is a long list of parts purchased to create this marriage and you’ll find them in the following bullet points 
  • The heart of the build is a Stag 3000cc V8 engine with a modified Sprint subframe
  • This is then attached to a Sprint overdrive gearbox and gearbox mount
  • Power is then transferred through a Sprint back axle and prop
  • To help stop an Australian big front disc kit 
  • Full suspension poly-bushing with GAZ adjustable shocks all around
  • 1-inch drop uprated coil springs all round
  • 8 Spoke MGF 15” Alloy Wheels in Black (MGF steel space saver spare)
  • Four new tyres were fitted a few years ago with little use: 185 55 R15s
  • A marvellous side exit exhaust is also fitted
  • Sparkrite Electronic ignition
  • GPS head up display speedo (hidden in the dash speaker cover)
  • A new steering rack and suspension ball joints were fitted 
  • Triumph Dolomite 1850 (1980, essentially Sprint spec ) wiring loom and dash installed with matching
  • Stag V8 tachometer
  • The fuse box was bought into the cabin and additional fuses were installed. This is all functional but could benefit from some tidying
  • Dolomite rear bumper centre with reversed number plate light fitted with LED bulbs for reverse light
  • Rover 200 BRM red leather interior installed including elements in the door cards and the handbrake lever 
  • Door speakers fitted and wired; no stereo installed.
  • New headlining and insulation.
  • 3 x Passenger grab handles with magnetic hold back (leather Duchess style).
  • 4 x interior lights
  • New carpets 
  • Electric windows installed
  • The passenger side is a little slow
  • Fob-operated central locking
  • As you can see, no leaf was left unturned during the build
  • This makes for one unique Toledo that’s for sure 

The Interior

  • Inside this custom V8 it does look very nice indeed
  • The original seats have been replaced in favour of some out of a Rover 200 BRM
  • These seats are trimmed in a very striking red leather
  • The leather has been used and worn in nicely
  • Meaning that it is nice and supple
  • These seats do complement the exterior off-white/cream colour rather nicely and add another talking point to the already eye catching car
  • It’s not just the seats that are trimmed in this material
  • You’ll also find it around the gear stick, and on the door cards as well 
  • Originally the car came with a Webasto roof, but the current owner has decided to get rid of this feature
  • Now you’ll find a headliner that stretches uninterrupted from front to back 
  • It should be noted that this too is in lovely condition
  • New carpets have been fitted throughout the cabin and look in great condition 
  • Under the dash there is some wiring, you may wish to tidy this up, but it is all functional 
  • When you’re moving there is a GPS head-up-display set into the dash, useful for some more accurate speed readings
  • The dash is the very recognisable Triumph dash, the dark wood veneer stretches across and looks lovely 
  • Overall, the interior is in very good condition
  • You may wish to do some tidying with the wires, but apart from this all the hard work has been done for you 

The Exterior 

  • Externally this Toledo has stayed close to its roots 
  • There are no major additions to the exterior at all
  • The only big modification was the filling in of the Webasto sunroof 
  • This was filled with a panel from a scrap car with new vinyl applied over the top
  • Speaking of vinyl, you can see from the photos that it is in great condition on this car 
  • Sometimes it can bubble and peel away on the rear pillars, but there isn’t any of this present on this example
  • You may notice a few areas of surface corrosion to the bodywork, but these just add to the character 
  • Underneath however the car has been rust proofed and should outlive us all
  • It also hides the V8 under the bonnet so you should be able to surprise a few people
  • Speaking of the V8, its exhaust routes out the side near the passenger door
  • Side exit exhausts are very cool and rank up there with pop-up headlights
  • You will notice the fans up front for the radiator, this is part of the uprated cooling package for the notorious Stag engine
  • This is a real sleeper of a classic that no one would suspect at first
  • There are only a couple of tells on the exterior that point toward its engine
  • Overall, the exterior is presented in solid condition

The Mechanics 

  • Not normally a place a Toledo would shine, but we all know that this isn’t a normal Toledo
  • Lifting the bonnet reveals the 3.0l Stag V8 
  • Having received a full flush it should be pretty clean internally, which in turn should improve its cooling 
  • Speaking of the cooling the radiator unit is actually from a Mercedes 
  • On the road, it does a good job, but temperatures may slowly increase whilst sitting in a very slow moving car show queue
  • There is an additional radiator that’ll come with the car which may help as a second unit
  • Or you may even wish to get a custom unit made up 
  • This very acute cooling niggle shouldn’t put you off of what is an otherwise incredible-performing classic
  • The Stag V8 pulls this car along very nicely
  • Once it was bought up to temperature this was displayed on the day of the photoshoot 
  • Along with producing an amazing soundtrack out of its side exit exhaust, it got up to national speed limits without a problem 
  • This was in turn indicated through the head-up-display
  • The four-speed gearbox does have an overdrive function which improves the cruising capabilities
  • This is one of those classics that just bring pure joy whilst out on the road 
  • It provides a great soundtrack that is slowly dying out
  • The driving characteristics should make you fall in love with driving all over again


This is a rather rare find indeed, one of a kind shall we say. In a world of mass-produced modern hot hatches why not get your hands on a classic tourer that is more like a muscle car? 

With a lot of the hard and complicated engineering work already completed all you have to do is get in, turn it on, and get going. Wherever you are it will never fail to cause a commotion.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1974
  • Make Triumph
  • Model Toledo V8
  • Colour Cream
  • Odometer 89,414 Miles
  • Engine size 2998
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Oakham
  • Location Leicestershire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
59 bids
  • br•••• £5,900 29/01/23
  • ca•••• £5,800 29/01/23
  • br•••• £5,700 29/01/23
  • br•••• £5,600 29/01/23
  • ca•••• £5,500 29/01/23
  • ca•••• £5,400 29/01/23
  • br•••• £5,300 29/01/23
  • ca•••• £5,200 29/01/23
  • ca•••• £5,100 29/01/23
  • br•••• £5,000 29/01/23

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