NO RESERVE - 1986 Nissan Bluebird SGX 1.8 Turbo (T12) LHD


  • Very rare SGX Turbo model
  • Left-hand drive example
  • Japanese built T12 
  • Recently imported
  • Enthusiasts owned
  • Excellent presentation throughout

The Appeal

Established as one of Nissan's most internationally famed models, the Bluebird has earned a reputation for dependability, affordability, and ease of ownership. 

In an attempt to further its appeal, the mid-80s change to front-wheel drive and the subsequent effort to satisfy more demanding drivers signalled a new era for the model. 

The bread and butter models racked up the mileages, offering their owners millions of miles of dependency, but it's the installation of the CA18DET engine from the sporty Nissan Silvia that gave the car a completely new perspective while maintaining its traditional qualities. 

This French import is the earlier T12 Japanese-made model, which is usually regarded as the more desired incarnation. The SGX trim level denotes that Nissan equipped the Bluebird to lavish levels, making it, for the first time, a competitive option to the period's high-end European premium cars thanks to its excellent Turbo engine, refinement, and build quality. 

This enthusiasts-owned 1.8-litre SGX Turbo is likely to be unique in the UK but its parts commonality with most of the homegrown Bluebirds presents itself as a viable alternative to the usual executive performance cars, with a distinctive element of rarity and talent.

The History and Paperwork

  • Very recent cam belt and service
  • V5 present
  • MOT to May 2023

This vehicle, which was last registered in the Dieppe region before being imported into the UK in 2020, is thought to be a European-specified vehicle that was initially intended for the European market. 

The French owner was believed to have been a Nissan collector and has owned the car for 12 years, as part of a collection of Nissan Turbo models.

The current owner saw the car online and instantly fell for it, fully aware of the T12's positive reputation and legendary CA18ET engine. He replaced the cam belt, performed a comprehensive service, and installed a new set of rear brake pads while the vehicle was undergoing its UK registration. 

In order to correct a handful of age-related paint scuffs, he also gave the car a partial repaint. With barely 10 kilometres driven, the owner hasn't really had an opportunity to enjoy the vehicle and in order to make room for other projects, he has decided to sell the car. 

The car has an MOT to May 2023 and comes with a Haynes manual.

The Interior

  • Original cabin
  • Excellent seats
  • Fully operational controls

Like the rest of the car, the cabin is original and retains all of its retro JDM charms. 

The dashboard top cushioning by the demister vent in front of the binnacle has a flaw, but otherwise, the dashboard is in fantastic condition. The facia is otherwise undamaged, showing a tidy collection of controls and switches that are all reportedly functional. 

The tatty armrest in the centre console seems to have been installed by a prior owner. It appears to be removable and is the only substantial item in the cabin to display wear. 

The vehicle still has the original cassette player. All of the dials are legible and are said to work well. The owner has told us that both the electric sunroof and the power windows are fully functional. The steering wheel and gear lever are in good condition. 

The fabric of the seats appears to have been well-cared for and has held up nicely over time. Their electric adjusters are said to work without fail. The carpets are neat and appear to be dry, showing no signs of moisture. 

The boot is tidy with no evidence of water ingress. The door cards are in good shape, with no marks of damage. The headlining is free of significant blemishes. 

The Exterior 

  • Recent attention to the paint
  • Solid throughout 
  • Correct and original trim for the SGX Turbo
  • Refurbished alloys

The T12/T72 bluebirds were relatively resistant to corrosion, which may explain why they were still often seen well into the 2000s. 

This example is no exception, and it's likely that it's due to its previously pampered ownership that there should be little to concern potential buyers.

The underside is solid with some age-related surface blemishes underneath the engine mounts. The inner wings and sills appear to be free of significant defects, the engine and boot compartment are solid, and the suspension mounts are in good condition. 

The car's exterior is clean and free of any noticeable flaws, however, the owner did point out a small bubble on the nearside rear door which is still at a manageable stage. 

The only visible panel work flaw on the body is the bonnet, which seems to require a slight adjustment. There are no other issues with the rest of the panel alignment. All doors open and close with no effort and display decent seals.

The paint has been applied evenly and with good lustre throughout. The handful of small stone chips scattered about the body, mainly on the bonnet, are little indicators of ordinary wear, but nothing too obtrusive. 

The trim is correct for the SGX model, and the car's distinctive colour-coded bumpers are remarkably devoid of significant scuffs. Minor wear is seen on the rear door pillars and spoiler. 

The glass and the lights are all in good condition, although some of the glass rubber seals have some minor signs of wear. 

The owner has informed us that the alloy wheels have been refurbished, and he made sure the white dot detail was preserved. The tyres are well within the constraints of the legal limit and still have a lot of life remaining in them. 

The Mechanics 

  • Runs beautifully
  • ECCS system fully operational
  • CA18ET Engine

Its engine, which it shares with the S12 Nissan Silvia Turbo, is renowned for its durability and respectability. 

It starts up smoothly and without any unwelcome rumbling. There shouldn't be any problems with the engine's day-to-day running because it is reported to be completely stock. 

The engine idles well, with no undulations and no reports of any issues when on tick-over. The engine presents well, showing the typical symptoms of age-related surface wear in places. 

Given its recent service and the car's apparent careful ownership, the owner has suggested that the engine appears to be run perfectly with no issues with no reports of poor oil pressure. 

The power delivery is smooth and continuous while the vehicle is moving, thanks to the Garrett T2 turbo's gradual and even boost. Any lag is kept under control by the Engine Central Control System, which helps to maintain the performance balance. 

The novel triple electro-hydraulic system suspension settings are fully operational, all noticeable in their specific driving modes. The car is said to handle well with no impediments or unwanted noises from the dampers. 

There are no reported problems with the steering, and it turns without clonking or vibrating. The recent installation of new rear brakes undoubtedly contributed to the car's even braking. All of the brake discs are in fine shape. 

The owner informs us that the five-speed transmission performs as one would expect from a Nissan, with smooth shifts and a useable clutch. He has mentioned how easy it is to manoeuvre about town and how comfortable it is to drive at leisurely speeds. 

It's laid-back and cruises nicely on lengthy runs. 


The combination of an iconic Turbo engine with the plush refinement and practicality of one of the most dependable cars of the 80s is a good enough reason to consider the Bluebird Turbo. 

Ready to roll, with the backup of a recent service, this understated but confident all-rounder is one the best ways to enjoy the trappings of the 1980s with the promise of that famous Nissan reliability. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1986
  • Make Nissan
  • Model Bluebird SGX 1.8 Turbo (T12) LHD
  • Colour Grey
  • Odometer 180,012 Kilometres
  • Engine size 1809
  • Town Worthing
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Location Sussex
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
42 bids
  • sc•••• £4,100 06/10/22
  • ro•••• £4,000 06/10/22
  • ky•••• £3,900 06/10/22
  • ro•••• £3,800 06/10/22
  • ky•••• £3,700 06/10/22
  • ky•••• £3,600 06/10/22
  • Sk•••• £3,500 06/10/22
  • Sk•••• £3,400 06/10/22
  • ro•••• £3,300 06/10/22
  • Sk•••• £3,200 06/10/22

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