Ford Mustang Sportsroof Mach1 1971

It is a unique unit due to its "Restomod" preparation, especially mechanical.

The engine is a beast that is based on a V8 351 Ci Windsor Stroke up to 408 Ci. It displaces 6. 6 L offering a considerably high compression ratio of 10. 3:1, and acceleration worthy of a modern supercar: 10. 9s in the 1/ 4 mile. +550hp

The Engine also has a large capacity crankcase with a baffle so that the oil temperature is always good.

The fuel supply system has been replaced by the Holley Terminator X-Max Electronic Injection System with a touch display for advanced configuration. With the considerable increase in performance and efficiency in consumption.

It features a Scat 4351W forged crankshaft, has Scat H-beam rods and SRP 206061 pistons. The heads are Racing Head Service (RHS) Pro Action heads,

High-performance transmission 4R70W. There's a transmission fluid cooler and a large capacity pan to help keep vital components cold.

P315-35ZR-17 Sumitomo HTR Z rear and 245-45ZR-17 Sumitomo HTR Z front tires.

This Restomod preparation turns a classic icon of world motorsport into a powerful and emotional classic vehicle combining exclusivity and adrenaline. Its technology and features allow reliable daily use. Without giving up the most classic American Musclecar style of the 70s.

It has just been brought from the US and registered with American plates from Texas, although it is in the process of having Spanish plates shortly. It is being sold as is now. Spanish registration will be another higher price. spectacular sound!!! I can send a video

It is a high compression V8 STROKED tuned for high performance. This thing is faster than my sport bike, so be careful riding it aggressively!

the car has had 3 owners. The one who really restored the car was Manu, a guy from Arizona who is an aeronautical engineer and spent many hours of his time and a lot of money about $110, 000 over 20 years turning the car into a supercar reaching the power of +550hp.
After a small accident where the car was hit sideways while stopped at a traffic light, the owner decided to leave the car out of fear. It came into the hands of Alex, a guy from Texas who over a few years spent $30, 000 also on upgrades until it came into my hands in 2022. I can put these owners in touch who will be able to give details of everything invested in the car as soon as possible. throughout its long history. Although just by testing the car for a minute you will be able to feel the high performance that it offers, which makes it a quite unique car of its kind. I have imported this Mustang from Texas in the US this August 2022and it has already paid all the customs and treasury taxes in Spain and is ready to be registered in the country that is necessary.
I had planned to keep it but due to an unexpected family situation, I have decided to sell it much to my regret.
The car is a very exceptional and unique unit, mechanically surely there is no other that equals it in all of Europe.

Because it has an electronic injection installed, the car is very stable and safe in its mechanical response the car could be used as a street car to be used frequently on a daily basis or it could also be a classic car competition car perfectly.

Extraordinary Exterior Condition with only some small imperfection indicated in the photos.
A screw is missing to adjust the exterior mirror

Good interior with some imperfections in the headlining and other parts of the dashboard.
It has a professional roll cage welded to the 6-point chassis that gives the car extraordinary strength and safety.

All the mechanical part of the car is improved to a very high level,
offering very high performance at the level of a current supercar but with a retro look from the 70s.
Over 20 years more than $110, 000 has been invested in improvements

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