This particular BMW 850CSi was the very last Right Hand Drive CSi to be produced.
It is a BMW 'individual' specification vehicle.

There have been three keepers prior to myself. I believe the BMW dealer 'Lind Ltd. of Norwich' may have been the first owner.
I purchased the vehicle on 18th November 2002.

The number plate as seen in the photo's (THE 850) is already assigned to the vehicle and will be included as part of the sale

From the day I purchased this vehicle it has been kept in a climate controlled garage, this was the case through to mid 2020.
I personally have maintained this vehicle, carrying out all servicing and repairs throughout my entire 20 year ownership.

The vehicle is overall in very good condition throughout, showing no signs that would indicate even a normal level of use. Thankfully having spent 18 of the 20 years I've owned this car in a garage, and the remaining two years undercover, it has resulted in spending a particularly high percentage of it's life 'UV' free.

THE 850 has a current M. O. T. and expires 22nd February 2023.

This vehicle comes complete with: -

• Leather document/ handbook wallet.
• The Owners handbook.
• Supplementary owners handbook.
• BMW professional RDS Radio operating instructions book.
• Service booklet.
• Dealer warranty and Emergency service handbook (Detailing original Dealer, of which is: Lind Ltd. of Norwich).
• European service station 95/ 96 and 96/ 97 booklets.
• BMW warranty renewal handbook.
• Three original BMW keys [Two remote control and One non-remote (grey) key].
• Multi Function Information Display [fully functional (has no missing / defective LCD segments)].
• Glovebox Torch [Vehicles own original Rechargeable unit (replacement cells fitted)].
• First Aid Kit [BMW original - Unopened].
• BMW Boot lid Tool Kit [Complete].
• Side Jack.
• BMW Radiopass/ Code card, Window warning stickers and Radiopass code card holder.
• Factory stickers still remain on the windscreen and on the instrument cluster.

UK-registered cars and motorbikes on Car & Classic are run through an online HPI check. On the HPI report, this vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft and has no finance owing.

The following entries are taken from physical documents. These will be included with the car for the new owner: -

Date of first registration: 26-09-1996.
M. O. T Cert; 2000 - 2001 (mileage 27, 128).
M. O. T Cert; 2001 - 2002 (mileage 32, 589).
M. O. T Cert; 2002 - 2003 (mileage 39, 072).
M. O. T Cert; 2003 - 2004 (mileage 43, 521).
M. O. T Cert; 2004 - 2005 (mileage 43, 775).
M. O. T Cert; 2005 - 2006 (mileage 44, 747).
M. O. T Cert; 2007 - 2008 (mileage 45, 378).
M. O. T Cert; 2009 - 2010 (mileage 45, 532).
M. O. T Cert; 2011 - 2012 (mileage 45, 543).
M. O. T. Cert; 23/ 02/ 2023 - 22/ 02/ 2024 (mileage 45, 556).

Vehicle License Disc; 2002
Vehicle License Disc; 2003
Vehicle License Disc; 2004
Vehicle License Disc; 2005
Vehicle License Disc; 2006
Vehicle License Disc; 2006
Vehicle License Disc; 2007
Vehicle License Disc; 2008
Vehicle License Disc; 2012

Vehicle Licence reminder (V11); 2006.
Vehicle Licence reminder (V11); 2007.
Vehicle Licence reminder (V11); 2008.
Vehicle Licence reminder (V11); 2009.
Vehicle Licence reminder (V11); 2012.
Vehicle Licence reminder (V11); 2013.

S. O. R. N Cert; 01/ 04/ 2007 - 31/ 03/ 2008.
S. O. R. N Cert; 01/ 05/ 2008 - 30/ 04/ 2009.
S. O. R. N Cert; 01/ 05/ 2009 - 30/ 04/ 2010.
S. O. R. N Cert; 01/ 12/ 2010 - 30/ 11/ 2011.
S. O. R. N (life time S. O. R. N introduced); 2012 - 2022 at mileage 45, 554 (current mileage).

There are other vehicle servicing and day-to-day running recipes and printouts that will also be included with the vehicle.

A little more information about this and other CSi's;
Production of the CSi began in June 1993 and ended October 1996. During this time a total of 1510 CSi's (both LHD & RHD) were produced, of that only 160 were Right Hand Drive. In the final year of production only 10 Right Hand Drive CSi's were built. This particular vehicle being the final Right Hand Drive CSi to be built (I have correspondence from BMW Germany as a result of V. I. N verification and would be more than happy to present this evidence to any potential new owner) It completed build on the12th of June 1996.

The vehicle exterior, apart from the following defects, is in very good condition indeed.

Exterior imperfections are as follows (bodywork paint) - four items: -
1). The O/ S front corner of the bonnet (the small section in front of the headlight) following a scratch repair.
2). The very bottom edge of the passenger's door and Incorporating a small section just aft of the door itself on the bottom edge of the rear quarter panel, also following a scratch repair.
3). Surface corrosion along the bottom inner edge of the drivers door can be seen in one of the supplied close-up images. Please note; This corrosion is not 'through panel' where the integrity of the metal is compromised and is of the external painted surface only. The corrosion isn't visible from the outer edge of the door panel therefore not visible whilst the door is shut.
4). There are five very small areas/ spots around the nearside most edge of the metal/ solid sunroof exterior. At these points I have performed local/ spot repairs to the painted surface, treating the surface corrosion at the specific points, followed by priming, base coating and finally clear coating. Anyone knows the difficulties Incorporated with local repairs to Metallic paint, this was no exception. I have taken a photograph specifically to detail this. Zooming in to the image will hopefully allow you to see in more detail.

The above four mentioned areas can be seen in their relative close-up images (images within the [detail photo] section of my listing).

All four wheels have been recently refurbished with new 'genuine BMW' center cap badges.

The vehicles seating is Lotus White leather. There is Black and Lotus White leather panelling to the front door panels and rear side panels. The rear center arm rest is Black leather.
Carpeting, including original BMW fitted front and rear mats, is Silver Grey in colour. This is continued throughout into the luggage area.
The Headlining is dark grey in colour.

Optional equipment, specified at time of order: -
• Front passenger Airbag.
• Sports Leather Steering Wheel.
• Tilt/ Sliding Sunroof [Electric].
• Rear Window Sun blind [Electric].
• Warning Triangle.
• Electrically adjustable Sports front seats with Electrically adjustable leg support [Driver seat has Three position Memory]
• Headlight Washer System with intense cleaning.
• Automatic Air Recirculation Control (AUC).
• BMW Professional Radio with Diversity Radio Receiver.
• BMW 6 Disc CD changer.
• HiFi Loudspeaker System.

Standard Options include: -
• Drivers Airbag.
• Servotronic.
• Dynamic Drive Package.
• Steering Column Adjustment [Electric].
• Park Ventilation.
• Cruise Control.
• 3rd Stop Light.

The vehicle interior, apart from the following defects, is in very good condition indeed: -

1). There is an abrasion to the headlining contained within the sliding sunroof section. It is a vey thin, short scuff line (approximately 25mm long and 1 mm wide) in the grey headlining material. It is located in the nearside rear corner of the recessed sliding upholstered section of the sunroof. This can be seen when zooming in to the appropriate photo within the [detail photo] section of my listing.

2). Slight material gather of the headlining is evident at some locations but is isolated and minimal.

The above area(s) can be seen in its relative close-up image (image contained within the [detail photo] section of my listing).

The AHK rear wheel steering system is fully functional and provides that unique CSi driving experience

The vehicle, apart from
the following mechanical defects, is fault free: -

The vehicle, apart from the following defect, is fault free:
Air Conditioning System; this is currently being put back into full operational condition.

The Vehicle has recently been fully serviced by myself and received the following service items: -
• Engine Oil and Filter.
• Engine Air Filters.
• Engine Coolant (Antifreeze and De-mineralised water).
• Engine Thermostat (replaced as a precautionary measure).
• Spark Plugs, full set replacement.
• Central Hydraulic Fluid (serves Brake booster, Power steering and Rear Wheel Steering (AHK) replacement).
• Central Hydraulic System, filters/ strainers cleaned.
• Brake Fluid, flush and replace.
• Clutch Fluid, flush and replace.
• Gearbox Oil, drain and replace.
• Rear differential Oil, flush and replace.
• Fuel Filters (2 of), replaced.
• Cabin Pollen Filters (2 of), replaced.
• Wiper Blades (2 of), refills fitted to retain original BMW/ Bosch wiper carriers.

A little more non-mechanical information.
I believe also that BMW Germany may have chosen this particular colour to mark the completion of production of the 850CSi. It appears that the very last Left Hand Drive 850CSi (located somewhere within Europe I believe) is also painted in the very same colour (Lilac Metallic; FE86-403x (FQ95-2915)). I also believe there not to be any other 850CSi to have received this very same colour thus, I believe, making this the only CSi in the UK in this colour. That said, as BMW Germany are not able to identify how many 8 series received which colours during manufacture (early records i believe do not allow for V. I. N to paint code cross referencing). they are unfortunately unable to back-up this final statement. Only that this RHD CSi was the final one to be produced.

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