• First registered in 1980
• One of 840 examples built in total, according to Ferrari
• 24, 143Km on the clock
• Car maintained to a high standard, kept it dry-stored, just serviced
• Austrian MOT equivalent and type approval (Typenschein)
• ACI certificate
• Italian registration documents


• Iconic red paintwork
• Gorgeous wedge-inspired Bertone design
• Pop-up headlamps working correctly
• Period alloy wheels

Personally, I adore the wedge-like design that was so prolific on supercars of the 70s and early 80s. And I think the proportions and detailing of the GT4 are spot-on, with clean, crisp angles and interesting shapes.

The paint is neat and even in its application, with no obvious major marks or blemishes apparent. Similarly, the body panels themselves show well – no signs of damage, corrosion or poor fitment. So too, the trim, glass and other external elements such as the lenses and badging, look to wear a light level of natural wear and patina, but otherwise are in nice condition.

The wheels are the correct 14-inch cast alloys, shod with a set of tyres that appear to have good tread depth and no sidewall damage we could identify. Overall, the car appears to be well cared for and in very good order externally.

And, of course, there are pop-up headlamps. And we all know that pop-up headlamps make everything better.


• Black leather and fabric upholstery
• Practical 2+2 cabin layout
• Presented in factory, unmodified condition

As with all Ferraris of the period, the cabin of the 208 is an exercise in stylish simplicity – there’s everything you need here, and nothing more. But all of it is handsomely styled and beautifully finished. It’s all unmodified, with no obvious modern “upgrades” to spoil the ambience.

The leather and fabric upholstery all in good order, with no significant wear, tears or damage apparent. Even that cream, ribbed headlining – so often a weak point on cars of this vintage – also is good, undamaged and in fine fettle.

Before the driver sits a clutch of elegant dials and controls, all wearing a light and warm natural patina, with no damage we could discern. Everything works just as it should...


• 1, 991cc V8 engine
• Five-speed manual transmission
• Rear-wheel drive
• Disc brakes all round

That mid-mounted, naturally aspirated V8 may be small by Ferrari standards at just two litres, but it certainly packs a punch in terms of both performance and character. With low inertia, it spins up eagerly and revs cleanly, that bank of four twin-choke Webers sucking down fuel like the snorting of a particularly frisky stallion.

In all, this lovely little V8 delivers 170hp to the rear wheels, more than enough to push this lightweight GT car along with a fine turn of speed. Of course, the classic H-gate manual transmission ensures that the intrinsic balance of the chassis and layout can be enjoyed and exploited to the full as well.

The car starts and runs very nicely, driving well and feeling light and agile when on the move. Car has been recently serviced and is now ready to enjoy.

Created to take advantage of Italy’s ‘2-litre’ tax laws, the 208 GT4 offered a wonderful way to enjoy Ferrari ownership without the extreme running costs and high-strung nature of the company’s more exotic models. It’s also quite a practical machine for a classic Ferrari too, offering generous 2+2 seating while maintaining a mid-mounted engine layout for balance and poise.

Overlooked for many years, their time in the spotlight appears to be nearing, as the inherent lightness, agility and sheer fun factor of these delightful little GT cars is becoming more widely recognised. As such, they’re rapidly becoming more collectible.

This particular example is finished in classic red paintwork, with a smart and apparently original interior. If the idea of popping a classic Ferrari, one that has been styled by Bertone no less, on the driveway appeals to you, then be sure not to overlook this lovely little gem of a car.

Looking forward to answer any questions....

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