Classic Cars – Five Reasons Why They’re Great!


By Chris Pollitt

We create a lot of content for you here at Car & Classic. There is of course the written content here on our online magazine, and then of course there is our rapidly growing YouTube channel. We have covered so much stuff. Cars you should buy, barn finds, projects, events, braking news from the classic car world, the list goes on. One thing we have never done, however, is take it back to basics and list why classic cars are just so, well, brilliant? It’s a hobby and passion that many of us have had for the duration of our lives. We’ve grown up with classic cars, and as such, we never stop to think why we like them. Crucially though, we never stop to think how we might usher in a new generation to drive the classic car world onwards. Yes, that heavy-handed pun was most definitely intended.

Classic cars are wonderful on so many levels, five of which we have highlighted in the list below. Please do have a read. You might sit there and nod along as you do, you might think of even more reasons why classic cars are so special, or you might choose to show this list to someone you know in a bid to bring them into our wonderful world. Imagine showing this to someone you love, and then having them want to be more involved with your hobby as a result. How lovely that would be. Let’s spread the good word of the classic car, it’s a life we all love and one that we should welcome others into, too.

1) They’re a link to our past

We don’t mean this in a sociological sense, though that is of course the case. No, what we mean is our individual pasts. A classic car can take us back to a time, an event or even into a welcome collection of memories of a particular person. No other machine can boast such an ability. Buying a classic may be something you do as a link to a parent, you might do it to re-live your youth, or it might be a way to own a car that circumstances of the time prevented you from having. Look at ’80s and ’90s hot hatches. They’re going for strong money, because they’re being bought by the people who couldn’t insure them or otherwise afford them in period. It doesn’t have to be a hot hatch though. It could be a car your parents had, or your first car. Whatever the reason, classic cars tap into a very personal part of our lives.

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2) There’s an incredible sense of community

You’re never alone with a classic car. The longevity of any classic is dependent on you and on the knowledge of those who share in your passion. The classic car world has an amazing community around it, as evidenced by any one of the myriad classic car shows we can visit throughout the year. Keen, passionate people who share in your enjoyment and who always want to help. Sure, this can be a bit cliquey, especially if you seek out your community online, but by and large the people in the classic car world are good. We love seeing people at shows and events, we love that sense of camaraderie and we love how willing people can be to help solve a problem. It’s a truly significant, and welcome part of owning a classic.

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3) Classic cars have soul

Any car that rolls off the assembly line in 2022 is going to be something of a technological marvel. From standard family hatchbacks to luxury-laden executive saloons – each one will be sci-fi compared to a classic. A modern electric car? Forget about it. That’s like a fully-loaded laptop on wheels. It’s all very clever, and it’s all very flash, but it’s also completely lacking in soul. Nobody bonds with a Tesla. Nobody stops and looks back at a Nissan Qashqai as they walk away after parking up. They are white goods. Soulless means of facilitating forward motion. That’s not the same with a classic. Classic cars are more akin to pets than their modern, digital counterparts. They have quirks and idiosyncrasies that make them unique, that make them… ours. You bond with a classic, you learn its foibles and its features. It’s an experience, and one that makes owning a classic so much more wholesome and involved.

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4) Classic cars are a means of expression

Today’s cars aren’t really styled by people. Sure, a meaty bag of bones has some input, but most cars are designed based on what air dictates, or what crash protection requires. Very modern cars are wildly different from their peers. Back in the day though, it was an unruly world full of chaos and ideas and a willingness to stand out. As such, it makes finding a classic that suits you down to the ground somewhat easy. You can be restrained, you can be wild, big, small, cute or aggressive. There will be a classic to suit you. But that’s not where it ends. Once you have your classic, there are all manner of ways in which you can further individualise it. Custom parts, a bespoke paint job, different wheels, custom interior trim – the world is your oyster. Look at the world of hot rodding and you’ll see just how big personal expression is. It’s intrinsic to classic car ownership, and it’s something you’ll delight in embracing.

5) They can create lasting relationships 

This is the one that really matters. Classic cars can be the bedrock on which important, meaningful relationships are based. We’re not saying your life needs to revolve around cars (though if it does, and you’re happy, that’s no bad thing). What we are saying is that classic cars can be a great place to build from. The most obvious connection here is from parent to child, but it could be between siblings, or just friends. With classic cars as the hub, all manner of people can come into your life, and those people will become better friends or even closer family. And unlike some hobbies that perhaps require a bit more investment in terms of knowledge or understanding, classic cars are open to all. The joy of classic cars is sharing information, sharing adventures and sharing stories. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be about cars. You could be tinkering away, but while sharing your wisdom and advice to the listening ear of someone just sitting in the car with a brew and a willingness to hand you the next spanner. That’s special.

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