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At Car & Classic you can purchase your vehicle with complete peace of mind. We're the only marketplace to partner with Warrantywise and offer free warranties.

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Free three-month warranties

With our warranty partner WarrantyWise, Car & Classic helps you buy online with confidence. Qualifying vehicles in our Verified Listings will come with three months of free warranty cover and protect you against unexpected and expensive repair bills.

Please read your policy documents in full for details of the cover and the limits that apply.

Who are WarrantyWise?

WarrantyWise is the warranty provider and one of the UK's leaders, covering motorists for more than 20 years. They provide comprehensive cover for all makes and models to private individuals and over 3000 independent dealer groups.

Who are WarrantyWise?

Did you know all qualifying cars come with a free three-month warranty?

  • 3 months cover from the day you buy your car* **
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Free breakdown recovery
  • Repairs carried out at any VAT-registered garage
  • Onward travel & expenses
  • No contribution

* terms, conditions and exclusions apply

** please take time to read your policy documents in full to make sure you understand the cover provided

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Selling your classic?

Is your classic car in good condition? Does it have a valid MOT and full service history? It may qualify for a free warranty when you sell via Verified Listing.

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How do warranties work?

You must be a private buyer based in the UK to take advantage of the free classic car warranty. If your vehicle develops a fault within the three-month period, WarrantyWise will help towards those unexpected repair costs up to a value of £2500.

If your vehicle breaks down, WarrantyWise will aim to send out an engineer within the hour to provide roadside assistance. Your vehicle will be taken to one of their authorised repairers or a garage of your choice and if you're more than 50 miles from home, your onward travel or overnight expenses will be taken care of.

Your vehicle must be fully legal, in a good state of repair, restored or in excellent original roadworthy condition. It must be correctly insured and taxed with a current MOT (where required) and the V5 logbook must be in your name.

Terms, conditions and policy exclusions apply. To find out more, read your policy documents in full.

When does the free warranty cover start?

You'll receive confirmation of your free three-month warranty within 10 working days of the vehicle transfer.

The vehicle transfer takes place once you've seen the vehicle and you and the seller confirm you're happy via your Car & Classic accounts. Once the confirmation is made, your funds will be transferred to the seller and you can drive away!

The safest place to buy classic cars online

Our free three-month warranties, buyer protection and secure payments make buying a classic car online safer than ever.

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Warranty FAQs

WarrantyWise Limited is the administrator of the warranties. Registered office: The Rocket Centre, 3 Trident Way, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 3NU.

The free WarrantyWise plan protects your classic car by covering the cost of repairs from mechanical or electrical failure for 3 months from the day you buy your car. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Our warranties can only be used by private individuals buying in the UK. We can't cover dealers and individuals buying in Europe at the moment. To find out more, read your policy documents in full.

No, the three-month WarrantyWise plan is free. However, there is a £2500 repair limit. To find out more, read your policy documents in full.

Yes, it's possible to use a garage of your choice. WarrantyWise would prefer to use one of their authorised repairers but if you would like to choose a garage, all you need to do is make sure they're VAT registered and they follow the repair procedure outlined by WarrantyWise. To find out more, read your policy documents in full.

Supercharger or turbocharger

All major mechanical parts housed inside the casing (excluding oil seals and gaskets).

Gearbox, torque converter and overdrive (manual or automatic)

All major mechanical parts housed inside the casing including bearings, gears, shafts, selectors, dogs, synchromesh hubs, clutches and brake bands.


Pressure plate and centre plate (excluding linings and oil contamination), release bearing, master cylinder, slave cylinder, fork lever, clutch pedal, rods, links and cables.


Prop-shafts, centre bearings, drive shafts, universal joints, constant velocity joints and drive couplings (excluding gaiters).


Crown wheel and pinion, bevel gears, cage and bearings.


Hydrolastic displacers and spheres, coil and leaf springs, wishbones and track control arms, radius arms, king pins and trunnions, wheel bearings.


Steering box, idler shaft, rack and pinion (excluding gaiters), universal knuckle joints.

Braking system

Master cylinder, vacuum servo, wheel cylinders, brake pedal, handbrake lever, rods and cables (excluding seized components), cracked brake discs and/or brake drums.

Fuel system

Mechanical or electrical fuel pump, primer pump (Ki Gas), vacuum pump (Autovac).

Cooling system

Radiator, water pump, oil cooler, radiator fan electric motor, viscous cooling fan coupling. (Damage caused by overheating or freezing of any component part is particularly excluded).

Electrical system

Starter motor, alternator, dynamo, voltage regulator, ignition coil, ignition distributor, magneto, windscreen wiper motor.

Engine block, cylinder head and casings

If any internal part suffers a breakdown and damages the engine block, cylinder head or casing these will also be included.

To find out more, read your policy documents in full.

Only mechanical and electrical faults are covered for the parts listed by WarrantyWise. Some of the faults that aren't covered include:

  • Wear and tear
  • Overheating
  • Advisories from any previous MOTs
  • Damage from poor servicing
  • Modified parts

The full list of exclusions can be found in your warranty policy document. Please take time to read your policy documents in full to make sure you understand the cover provided.

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