Nice original but obviously used condition. Has a brand new chassis and spray job so in very good general order with many galvanised parts. has been gone over by a top master technician to ensure all runs well and has full years MOT from 4/ 11/ 21. The vehicle was a project by a Landrover enthusiast to to make a defender to last, hence full galvanised chassis and extra galvanised parts all round. Looks just like the Heritage versions going for 60k plus.

Have a thick file outlining all the money spent on this car. It has had an awful lot spent and nearly 3k just for the chassis alone, then full respray and many other ancilliary parts - all comes with purchase.

New professional spray job so very good general condition. Badges and galvanised parts are all new

The condition is a little worn in parts but ads charm to this retro recreation. Has got heated windscreen (with elements within) and heated seats - The usual fans are notoriously weak so makes it wartm and cosy in cold weather. Has a Lovely steering wheel from an Aston Martin

Has just been fully gone over by a top technician to fix any leaky gaskets and make sure all is running brilliantly.

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