HISTORY of 1969 MG B ROADSTER- Reg. No. MAN 69 B
Chassis No. GHN4166486G. Engine No. 18GBRUH17821
Originally Registered in UK as GJP 256G

I bought the car in 1989, in 1992 I had the car totally rebuilt from the bare shell up as a modified road car.

I became interested in Classic Road/ Regularity Rallies and adapted the car accordingly. Since then, I have campaigned the successfully car in events such as Le Jog’s, Classic Marathon’s, Irish Classics, Winter Trials, The 2000 mile Trial, The Trial to the Nile, Rally des Pyrenees.

3000 miles ago I had a major engine rebuild at a cost of over £4, 000. 00 by a UK MG specialist. Following which I had some fairly major bodywork repairs carried out particularly replacement of the left and right Sills. The Car has not been used competitively since, and is now a very reliable, presentable and exceptionally well performing classic for pleasure, but could still be used competitively in Classic Rallying competition with good success if required.

The car has covered less than 3, 000 miles since the last major works described and has always been garaged during my 34 years of ownership.

BODY WORK – whilst this could by not be described as “Concourse” it is all very sound, and the car looks very presentable. There is no major rust on the car and all suspension mounting points are strong having been replaced/ strengthened as necessary over the years. Both Side Sills have recently been replaced. The car has a good fitting Soft Top and a well-fitting Hard Top. All door/ boot/ bonnet locks window winders etc work.

The car is fitted with a light-weight sump/ gearbox guard and a rear tin fuel tank guard, two additional front driving lamps and a rear reversing spot lamp.

The engine was totally rebuilt in 2013 with a new block over bored to 1950cc in size, with Lotus “flat top” pistons fitted. The camshaft is a Kent 717 (fast road). Fully Balanced with lightened Flywheel.

High capacity, high pressure oil pump fitted. Cylinder head is gas flowed, ported and polished with larger valves, up-rated valve springs and tufftrieded rocker shaft, new valve guides, rocker shaft spacers, ARP Head studs and Nuts, ARP Con Rod Bolts

Twin Choke Webber 45 DCOE carb.

A 3-2-1 Branched exhaust manifold is fitted with a complete stainless steel exhaust system.

Larger capacity Radiator fitted, 13lb radiator cap, A 13-row oil cooler is fitted. Cast aluminium rocker cover fitted. Kenlow Electric Fan.

A heavy-duty clutch (with roller trust bearing) is fitted.

The gear box and overdrive (later tyupe – 4 synchro) are standard but were totally overhauled by specialists within the last 3, 000 miles. The rear axle is a standard MG B axle fitted with a Quaiff torque-biased differential (quiet but effective).

The front suspension has slightly up-rated springs and a heavy-duty anti-roll bar. The lower front wishbones are slightly modified to give a little negative camber which improves the B’s turn-in.

The rear suspension has stiffer rear springs.

All shock absorbers are of the Standard Armstong Lever Arm type but fitted with up-rated valves which stiffens things up slightly.

The car sits on a set Minilite style wheels and 175/ 70 x 14 tyres.

The brakes are basically standard except that an independent servo is fitted, improved front callipers (MGB V8) and discs (MGB V8) with Mintex 1144 pads. Flexible brake lines are of the aeroquip.

The original 6v batteries have been replaced with two 12 v

The car runs on an Alternator. All additional electrical items are properly wired through relays and are separately fused.

Kenlowe Electric Fan is Fitted.

An FIA Master-switch is fitted behind the driver’s seat and all cable to front of the car are routed inside the transmission tunnel.

Headlamps and Spot-lamps are fitted with PIAA high output bulbs (still within allowed standard wattage).

An up-rated Aldon (no vacuum) Distributor is fitted (this has standard type contact breaker points). Good quality ignition leads, and TWO Lucas sports coils (one spare fitted) complete

There is a powerful light inside the engine bay and similar inside the boot. Period “pull-out” radio and electric aerial.

Seats are standard with LUKE 3-point harnesses. Additional door pockets on both drivers and passenger doors and an extra shelf under the passenger side dash for maps etc.

Two flexible map lights are fitted, and a cage light is fitted in the rear. There is wiring and cable for both Halda and Terratrip Trip Meters.

The overdrive can be operated from a switch on the gear stick.

Fire extinguisher, warning triangle, and first a kit

Accelerator pedal is adapted for easy “toe and heeling”. A 13” diameter MOUNTNEY aluminium/ leather steering wheel is fitted (original MG wheel also available).

In the boot is stored the spare wheel (fixed to floor), trolley jack, wheel nut spanner, socket set and tool roll holder.

I have a very large History file of works carried out togetrher with hundreds of receipts.
The car also comes with a comprehensive spares package.
I am now approaching 80 years of age and i am afraid it is time to find a new home for the car.

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