Steeped in a rich lineage of British automotive artistry, this 1966 Alvis TF21 is more than just a classic car; it's a piece of history on wheels, awaiting a new steward to continue its legacy.

Nestled among the aristocracy of classic cars, this TF21 is one of only 100 ever crafted, embodying Alvis' pinnacle of engineering prowess and aesthetic elegance during its era. With its robust mechanical heart in great condition, this TF21 roars to life with the turn of a key, ready to grace the roads with its timeless elegance.

Its six-cylinder engine, equipped with three SU carburettors, unfurls ample power, propelling the car to top speeds of over 190kph, while the power steering and disc brakes on all four wheels ensure a poised composure on the road.

The TF21 isn't just a spectacle of vintage charm; it's a testament to remarkable British motor engineering. Aesthetically, the TF21 is in good condition, with its graceful curves and chrome accents gleaming under the sunlight, embodying a tasteful patina that adds to its vintage allure. The coachwork by H. J. Mulliner Park Ward, Rolls-Royce's in-house coachbuilder, is a hallmark of distinguished craftsmanship, enhancing the car's appeal to all, and especially to those in-the-know.

Aluminium bodywork was a prominent feature of the TF21 design, being both lightweight and corrosion resistant. However, some body panels, particularly the wings, were manufactured from sheet steel, with a few areas now showing signs of some surface corrosion. Although a two-door car, this is a true four-seater and has ample room for four adults on those long journeys. The seats are comfortable and well-padded as one would expect from a luxury car.

The interior could also benefit from some aesthetic remedial work to further enhance this luxurious sanctuary. With the possible addition of a replacement carpet and some tlc to the wood veneers, it can be brought back to its former glory, offering a blend of comfort and vintage charm that makes every journey a pleasure.

There are numerous delightful features that enhance the driving experience; the chrome spoked wooden steering wheel, the excellent all-round visibility, tinted sun visors, reserve fuel system, electronic ignition, powered steering, automatic transmission, etc.

Although the car is exempt from MOT, an MOT is carried out each year to confirm its roadworthiness. The car is also exempt from charges in all ULEZ zones and zero rated for Road Tax.

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