This amazing MG TC is a matching number version with year of construction 1949, comes with Heritage certificate and rolled out of the factory in the rare EX-U version. EX-U stands for EXport Usa and is a modified version of the MG TC that was built from December 1948 (probably from TC 7380) until the end of 1949. They were specifically intended for the American and probably Canadian market and therefore had some different features from the standard version, which were mandatory for this market at that time. This type designation is indicated on the "guarantee plate" under the hood. Only the right-hand steering wheel, of course, remained English.

The TC is in very good original condition, well maintained and is an "older restoration" with nice patina giving it that nice somewhat older look without being neglected. The maintenance history, most from the last owner, is present as well as other older documents.

The history of the car from its 1949 year of construction to December 1989 is currently unknown. From December 1989 to June 1993 the car drove in England in Dover and was owned by Raymond Dickson with registration number SWU 658. From July 1993 to May 2001 the car drove in the Netherlands and was owned by Andries Stocking with registration number DH-53-28. In that period it was also driven by this owner in Ireland with registration number ZV 847 (registration plate present). From May 2001 until today the car has been driving in the Netherlands with license plate DH-53-28.

After its purchase by the current owner in 2001, the car was returned to the EX-U version entirely, with some modifications by the previous owners (such as the TC was standard equipment) removed to make the car an original EX-U again. The bumpers as they were on the car from the factory are not present. All present parts of the car specific to the EX-U are original.

It is a stunning looking pleasure to drive car, received Brookland’s racing rows, a leather strap over the hood and the wire wheels were painted in the body color, British Racing green. The owner wanted to put a bit of racy stamp on it, so not the well. known standard colours. With that, the car is original as was common much used at that time to modify the TC from street version to race version. The car has a Brookland’s steering wheel and is equipped with a working heater that most likely has always been on the car although as far as we know the factory TC had no heater. This also makes winter driving with an open hood a pleasure to experience.
A separate spotlight on the right side of the windshield is a handy accessory.
The TC drives wonderfully and the fish-tail exhaust fitted by the current owner gives the car a sporty sound, bringing a smile to the face of every passerby.
EX-U features ex-factory and as present on this car:
Bumpers front and rear with overriders, where the rear bumper has an MG medallion Placed in the center. (This is not present on the car).
The badge bar has no horn and fog light (this TC has WELL a fog light from the USA) and probably the two mounting brackets were modified (without a mounting eye.
Two Lucas windtone horns (WT 614 and WT 615) giving the EX-U a two-tone horn. These horns are mounted under the hood on either side of the battery box. They are meanwhile powered by a separate fuse box.
The steering wheel is done in "gold pearl instead of black". This TC has a black Brookland’s steering wheel.
The license plate mount on the back of the car is centrally located under the bumper (not present) with a Lucas license plate in chrome TYPE 467/ 1 mounted centrally above the license plate.
The headlights were modified for left-hand driving and are TYPE Lucas S700.
Turn signal lights In the side lights on the front fenders, these also contain brake light indicator lights.
The taillights are ball-shaped and mounted on either side at the top of the gas tank. They contain brake, rear, and turn signal lights and are TYPE Lucas 482-1.
There is different glass In the windshield laminated instead of toughened.
There are 2 map reading lights mounted on the dash and rear-view mirror in the middle above the dash.
The turn signal switch is in place of the plus minus power connection. This switch has a warning light in the center and is TYPE Lucas SD84.
A high beam warning light is located where the standard TC switch is for the fog light
A custom wiring harness to support the above modifications.
The placement of the dashboard gauges is different.

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