Triumph Devin TR3 barchetta year1957.

Devin Enterprises was an American automotive manufacturer that operated from 1955 to 1964. Devin was mainly known for producing high quality fiberglass car bodies that were sold as kits, but they also produced automotive accessories as well as complete automobiles. The company was founded by Bill Devin and started to achieve success with the first Devin-Panhard with fibre glass body.
He then continue building fibre glass bodies used to reduce the sports car weight for successful races.
But who designed those beautiful Devin bodies? Bill Devin has stolen the Scagletti’s design. In details Bill Devin borrowed from his friend Jim Orr an Ermini tipo 357 Sport of 1955 italian made car (Scaglietti body, 1100cc engine) and using it to produce necessary mould for the Devin’s body.

We are now offering the result of the above in a model Triumph-Devin of 1957.
Italian registation

Such car has been produced in California using a Triumph TR3 of 1957 and with a body produced in Los Angeles by Devin.
Car has been completely refurbished in all different components.

Technical feature
Engine: Triumph TR3 refurbished and tune up for races in 1991 cc. Static compression ratio around 11: 1. Double carburetor Weber 45DCOE. Electronic starter. Silicone wires for spark plug. High torque starter motor.
Cooling : New radiator. Cooling electric fan.
Exhausts: Four in one stainless steel. Silencer in stainless steel.
Transmission: Gear box Triumph TR3 rebuilt. Gear lever Triumph. Clutch and wheel new.
Rear Axel: Standard Triumph TR3.
Front suspension.: Original Triumph TR3. Original level arms. Uprated suspension bushes in polyurethane. Shock absorber KONI.
Rear suspension: Standard TR3.
Brakes: master and slave new.
(front) New calipers and disks .
(rear) original refurbished.
Wheels / tyres:
Steering wheel: Wire wheels . Tyres TOYO 155R15
Electric: Pb battery with alternator with cut off switch.
Speed and revolution counter Devin with all auxiliary gauges.

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