Here is my 1993 Honda Beat Kei car. Rear wheel drive, mid engined soft top.
The mileage is genuine and backed up by all the mots, I also have large folder of receipts.
It was imported new into the uk by a Honda dealer for a customer, hence it has always been a uk registered car from new, which makes it quite unique.
I have owned for 7 years and it’s been a pleasure to own and drive.
It has wanted for nothing.
It has never broken down on me and has evolved in my care.
It is silver with black mirrors and side scoops, I have the original side scoops in silver also. To refresh and update the mechanicals it had a new OEM distributor, new OEM water pump, new OEM engine belts throughout, new upgraded HT leads and plugs. New OEM rocker gasket, new OEM fuel filter. It was fully serviced with all fluids flushed and replaced, valve clearances were also done. A new battery was fitted. Rear fog light fitted in one of the reversing lights and wired to an OEM Honda beat dash switch. It has a bespoke cold air intake which is fed from the left side scoop, it has has a 200 cell sports cat fitted with an HKS back box, there is a soulful but not obtrusive sound from the exhaust and intake. It has had all rubber hoses replaced with silicone ones, new braided stainless steel brake lines from Rs Mach, also braided stainless steel clutch hose kit yet to be fitted but comes with car. I have fitted an ecu loom extender so the ecu is now under the passenger seat and away from the heat on the rear firewall which is well know for damaging the ecu in these cars. New pads and discs all round, and I had the OEM brake calipers remanufactured with new seals and pistons etc and powder coated black. It has a momo flat bottom steering wheel which makes more space for your legs, I’m 6ft 2 !
There is a spoon sports titanium gear knob with engraved 5speed shift pattern. It has the Honda Beat 20th Anniversary fuel flap fitted. It has had new “Halfway” black mats (original zebra mats also included) and spiegel black seat covers fitted, over the OEM zebra print seats which are in great condition. It has had the plastic seatbelt guides replaced with the metal ones from “Halfway”. It has had a new mohair roof in 2022, there are no leaks, I also had this treated with a waterproof cured coating, so water just beads off it. There is a wind deflector, which reduces the wind in the hair effect. It wears Enkei J speed wheels powedercoated black, 14inch all round with new Yokohama A539’s all round in 175/ 60/ 14 H.
It has been treated to some new genuine mugen Honda Beat sports suspension, and some front and rear strut braces, which tidies up the handling.
There is a tiny bit of rust on the drivers side rear arch that needs addressing, then the genuine Mugen Honda Beat side skirts can be fitted to finish it off, these will need painting as they are in the white primer as they came from mugen.
The only jobs I haven’t done is the small rust repair, getting the underneath ‘under sealed’, painting and fitting the side skirts and finally getting a “Field” fuel controller wired in that allows some fuelling adjustments and turns off the OEM speed restrictor.
This is a very low mileage car, that has been tastefully upgraded using Honda Beat specific components imported from Japan.
Original gathers radio cassette, without the extra speakers. It does have an immobiliser fitted.
I have a spare rear window, spare ecu, and various other bits and bobs.
Never driven on the salt laden British roads.

It feels like a go kart, I also drive an ep3 type r, yet if the sun is shining the beat comes out. The handling is delightful, pin sharp and the short action gearshift very rewarding. It has to be roof down for the full experience.
It always gets attention wherever it goes.

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