Owned by just one family since new, with two keepers being the vendor and their grandfather.
41, 095 kilometres indicated on the odometer.
Exceedingly original, even down to the paintwork and interior upholstery.


One of the things we love most about classic cars is the stories that come with them. A charming tale accompanies this 1974 Datsun, which explains why it remains in such good original condition:

Cherished by just one family for its entire life, this 1200 Deluxe was bought brand new by the vendor’s grandfather almost fifty years ago! We’re informed that it has been used regularly all of its life, stored carefully in a dry garage and apparently only taken out on sunny days. The vendor inherited the car shortly before their grandfather died, making them the second owner.

Seldom does one see a car of this nature that’s survived so well. These small Datsuns were designed to be affordable family transport and so, were not often looked after to the degree that this one has been accustomed to since new. If you’d like to become the first person to acquire this 1974 supermini second hand, then don’t hesitate in making it yours.


Original black upholstery.
Retains its original spare tyre and toolkit.
The only aftermarket addition the vendor notifies us of is the upholstered centre console which can apparently be removed very easily - although we think it fits in really well.
The carpeting and original floormats remain in really nice condition, as does the headlining.
The dashboard looks in really good order and we not it still has its original Clarion stereo as well as a period correct cassette player in the centre console.
We enjoy the light patina to the switchgear, with a little fading to the plastics which really adds to the overall original feel.
We couldn’t see any obvious signs of damage or any excessive wear.


The vendor states that the paintwork is entirely original.
Naturally, the near fifty year old paint displays a few small rust spots, scratches and chips.
The car still holds a nice shine and there are certainly no clear signs of major damage.
The bodywork looks to be really straight overall with remarkably few imperfections for an unrestored car of this type and vintage.
Desirable two-door bodystyle.
The vendor points out a dent in the bumper near the offside indicator.
Overall, the trim looks to be really smart, with not much in the way of deterioration or damage.
The vendor assures us that the underside is in good shape, with minimal corrosion and apparently nothing of any structural concern.
The painted steel wheels exhibit a delightful patina.
The tyres are said to be almost brand new, and so in very nice shape.
Equipped with a towbar and trailer electrics.


1171 four-cylinder engine
Four-speed manual gearbox
Rear-wheel drive
The vendor states that all maintenance tasks are carried out on a regular basis, ensuring the car is always in good working order
A new radiator was apparently fitted a few years ago along with some new hoses
Well presented engine compartment
The vendor reports that it drives really well: accelerating smoothly, selecting gears as it should and coming to a stop in a timely fashion
This is a very fun car to drive, with low mass, power sent to the rear wheels and a great rasp from the exhaust
The vendor remarks that there’s a little smoke when the car is started, which mostly clears once up to temperature


These Datsuns are increasingly hard to find, let alone in such lovely original condition. A true collector's item, we’re sure the next owner will be so enamoured, they’ll want to keep the car for half a century as well.


Acquired by the vendor’s grandfather brand new in 1974.
Original keys still present.
All the documentation has been preserved, including the very first vehicle registration certificate.
Inherited by the vendor, before their grandfather passed away.
We’re informed that all servicing and maintenance is always kept up to date.
The car is remarkably original and unrestored.
Retains its owner’s manuals.
The Portuguese technical inspection is valid until 31st August, 2023.

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