I have had this car since 1995. I love it. For years I took annual tours driving it across Europe, there is nothing like it on mountain roads. 14 years ago, we moved to the south of France and used it less and less, so it’s time someone else enjoyed it. It will be difficult to see her go, but she deserves more than to sit in my garage.

You can see and hear the car and my description in this video:

The mileage is high and she will go round the clock in just a few hundred miles, but she is in good shape and runs well (see the video). Yesterday I drove her about 50 miles in 35 degrees and although I had to sit in traffic there was no sign of overheating (except for me). She has a French “contrôle technique” (MOT test) and has just had a full cam-belt service.

She has been serviced regularly (in the UK I always used QV London at Ascot) and she is having a full cam-belt service now. Since moving to France I have had her serviced twice which is less than recommended (should have been 3-4 times, but I’ve hardly driven her in the last few years, so that’s my excuse). 

She is currently on French plates and registered as a ‘collector’s car’ (I have copies of the prior UK registration documents). I have contacted specialist car importers mycarimport. co. uk and they provided a quote of £2334 to have her shipped and registered in the UK, i. e. delivered to you on UK plates (I will send you a copy of their quote with all the details on request). Alternatively, you can fly down to Nice and drive her to the UK (then the paperwork will be your problem!).

I am an honest person, so at the risk of putting off buyers, I am listing all her quirks and faults - I don’t want any disappointments or surprises - so, in no particular order:

The headlights are European (dip to the left), I have the UK lights and will supply with the car (but you will have to fit them).

The wheels are not the originals. TRX tyres became hard to find, so the good people at QV London sold me the current wheels that are more like a 328’s. The tyres are easy to source and the handling is improved (I have the original wheels gathering dust in my shed and I am happy to include them in the sale - I have no idea how to ship them but perhaps the car import people could help, we can find out if you are interested).

Aircon - not charged so doesn't work. The type of gas used became unavailable (illegal) so I stopped having it topped up. The aircon was never that good and tended to drip water all over my feet.

The clutch pedal has a click in the travel. Sometimes I don’t notice it, other times I do. Doesn’t trouble me and it’s been like it for years.

There are a lot of scratches on the underside. She is a low car, so this happens.

There is a chip in the front bumper, its clearly visible in the photos.

The front spoiler is easily damaged (but easily repairable), there is currently a small scrape on the lower edge.

The interior is good for her age, but obviously shows some wear consistent with use. At one point a mouse got in and nibbled some of the rubber seals, I was pretty upset at the time but now I don’t notice it.

The steering feels a little loose at 50-60mph and you can easily feel any imbalance in the tyres. This can be fixed using shims (I believe). French garages don’t seem to know about this.

There is a rasp in the exhaust that is probably caused by a loose baffle. It has been like that since I bought the car in 1995, it doesn’t bother me.

About 25 years ago she started showing signs of rust in one the door, the sills and the buttresses. I had this dealt with (lower door panel replaced, sills replaced) and she was resprayed all has been well except now there is a spot of rust bubbling on the right rear buttress, it is small but should be addressed (see picture and video), I have also noticed some very small blisters on one front wing.

There is a small oil leak. I have no idea where it is coming from, it has been like that since 1995 and it drips out about a thimble full a year.

She is fitted with a ‘Thatcham category 1 alarm and immobiliser’. The ‘central locking’ (fitted with the alarm system) does not lock the passenger door.

I'm happy to answer any questions.

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