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(Hood now fitted for winter, pictures added)
Here for sale is my midget. I had one when I was 18, a 1966 1100 and I wanted to build one the way I couldn't afford to back in the day. So when this 1967 1275 came my way I set to it. These last bug bumper cars retain the charm of the early cars with the practicality of the later ones.
It has had much work completed.
New floors, inner and outer sills, jacking points and chassis section, kick plates and door hinge panels. There is no rot and the car is rock solid. It may not be for the Puritans as I did a round rear wheel arch conversion. It does, however, have the correct front wings.
Much has been done to make it drive right. The whole car has been polybushed with Superpro. The front springs are 8 inch 400lbs and anti roll bar 11/ 16 from Peter May. The rear retains standard springs but is lowered. Front shocks are uprated and rear rebuilt standard. So a stiff front/ soft rear setup. The brakes are all new. New discs, pads, cylinders and calipers. Both master cylinders rebuilt.
The engine has been bored out to 1330cc and fitted with Swiftune pistons. The flywheel lightened and the whole lot balanced. Crankshaft ground and new bearings. A 276 camshaft is fitted with an adjustable duplex timing chain and Minispares performance followers. The cylinder head is a big valve MG metro head. New valves and hardened seats fitted, refaced and lightly ported. I retained the 11/ 4 twin carburettors but rebuilt and modified to David Visard specification. New clutch. The engine pulls really well and revs beautifully. Idle is lumpy as is expected with a 276 camshaft. A CSI electronic distibutor with 16 advance curves is fitted. The whole setup would, I'm sure, benefit from a rolling road setup but I've done nearly a thousand miles and thoroughly enjoyed them. It really feels quite rapid and great fun. A 3. 9 ratio diff has been fitted in place of the 4. 2. Four new tyres and new tubes on refurbished wires The original interior is fitted which is a little worn but in a nice presentable way and I haven't fitted the hood or frame as I prefer using with a tonneau and i keep it garaged. Will come with both and a hood cover also.
The car is painted in Jaguar 701 racing green. Not the best job but I built it for use not just to look at. There are many imperfections and some blistering/ reaction on the boot lid but she's shiny and presentable... see pictures.
I'm selling as a Bereavement has forced some difficult decisions to be made so here it is for sale.
Thank you for your interest.

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