2018 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe AM6


  • A one-off customized Vantage with impressive spec list
  • Remarkably low mile example at just 18,156 miles from new
  • Full Aston Martin service history
  • Carbon ceramic brake package
  • Cosmetically modified with Tiffany Blue wrap, Hyper Red Metallic paint underneath said to be in great shape 

The Appeal

The Vantage has been a name associated with Aston Martin’s sports and luxury vehicles since the DB2 in 1950. The designation “Vantage” itself is a mark given only to the highest performance versions of Aston Martin’s grand tourers on offer, inspiring a sense of extravagance and exceptional performance, but also comfort for its passengers and ease of use for its drivers. In more recent times, Aston’s Vantage nameplate has shifted even more towards performance orientation, with the previous Vantage being said to be it’s leanest and most agile road car to date. This is of course remained true until the current model was released in 2018, having taken a bit of inspiration from the track-only Vulcan and the purpose-built DB10 that appeared in the James Bond film Spectre. 

This particular Vantage V8 was built in Warwickshire, UK at Aston Martin Lagonda, but was taken all the way to Hong Kong with the current owner, where it resided until the end of 2022 when it was brought back to the UK.  Since then, it has been updated with an Fi Exhaust system, ceramic brake discs with Brembo callipers, and Michelin Ps4 tires. With tasteful cosmetic modifications including the Tiffany Blue wrap, carbon fibre body kit and BC Forge wheels, it certainly looks as fast as it performs. With the vehicle in near-pristine condition all around, and a service history from Aston Martin dealerships, its clear to say this one is ready to tour in comfort and style. 

The History and Paperwork

  • Current MOT expires December 15, 2023, with no advisories 
  • Recently serviced by Aston Martin in February 2023
  • Invoices present for parts and modifications

While not much history is known before the previous ownership, we take our history from the paperwork trail provided with the car. As a fairly new vehicle, we can state that it has seen its last full service in February 2023. Modifications to the vehicle were performed recently , and include the below:

  • Apple Carplay unit installed totalling £932.50
  • Fi Exhaust system installed totalling £3,600.00
  • BC Forged Alloy Wheels totalling £6,000.00
  • Genuine ceramic brake discs and Callipers totalling £5,000.00
  • Ceramic brake discs and Brembo Callipers totalling £5,000.00
  • Carbon Fibre bonnet, front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser totalling £6,200.00
  • Michelin Ps4 tires totalling £1,600.00
  • Owner states genuine Rays lug nuts

Having not used the car as much as they had wished, in combination with a growing collection of other vehicles and limited storage, the current owner is ready to part ways with this stunning Vantage. With the vehicle up to date on service, wrapped in new tires, and looking exquisite as it currently sits, it’s primed and ready to roll. 

The Interior

  • Overall interior in like-new and fully functional condition
  • Optional interior extras include red seat stitching and Austin Martin logo, and red seatbelts
  • Carpets, seats, steering wheel, and dashboard without any signs of wear
  • Apple Carplay unit addition improves connectivity nicely

Inside, the cabin is trimmed in black leather with red accents. The Aston’s overall interior vibe just exudes opulence while still being straightforward and completely ergonomic. It’s straight to-the-point but at the same time extremely luxurious in its material choice and finish; something we find indicative of Aston Martin’s design strategy for many of their vehicles. 

Having driven so few miles in its lifetime, there is very little indication of use or wear inside the vehicle. The carpets are still plush, with floor mats included and still looking new. The seats themselves are in excellent shape, and extremely comfortable given grand touring use case; they feel extremely supportive and smooth. They are also ventilated, keeping the driver cool or warm.   The steering wheel shows very little sign of use, the current owner having taken care to keep it clean. The steering wheel buttons are well placed for the thumbs, and intuitive in nature. The gear change levers are smooth and rigid, and stay in their positions when turning the wheel, so they’re always in the same place when you’re ready for them. 

Looking forward, the dashboard and centre console areas are in nearly new condition as well. The well-placed digital triple gauge pod in front of the driver is vivid, clear, and not at all intrusive. Next to the gauge pod and on the centre console resides a well-placed LCD screen, showing the sat nav and Apple Carplay which includes phone connectivity such as messaging, maps, and even WhatsApp. Below that, you’ve got the heater and defroster controls in the form of various knobs and toggle switches, furnished with soft-touch plastics and chrome accents; again in near perfect condition with an exceptionally functional design. Below that resides the push-button start, and individual buttons for transmission mode / gear selection functions, and various driver’s aids. It’s clean and refreshing to experience these options with dedicated physical buttons, not having to scroll through various menus on a screen to get to what you want.

The boot itself is refreshingly large for a vehicle of this nature, and is still quite usable for extended trips. The boot carpet and trim is all in excellent condition. 

The Exterior 

  • Overall exterior in top condition with only normal marks to be expected
  • Wheels in near perfect condition, wrapped in nearly new Michelin PS4 tyres with hardly any miles
  • Genuine full carbon fibre parts fitted 
  • Vehicle wrapped in Tiffany Blue, installed to very high standard

The exterior of this Vantage matches the sentiments of the interior, in excellent condition with only a few small signs of use apparent. The original Hyper Red Metallic paintwork itself is said to be still shining and glossy underneath the wrap, having lived most of its life in dry storage and away from the diminishing effects of weather and sunshine. While it is in exceptional condition, there are some small marks and chips from the road on the front bumper and under the driver’s side headlight, as pictured. While these are visible when up close, we don’t think that they in any way detract from the overall look of the otherwise top condition of the vehicle.  

The body itself is in excellent, straight condition, with trim, glasswork, emblems, and decals in almost perfect condition as well. The carbon fibre bonnet has an excellent glossy finish, with smooth edges and lovely shape for an aftermarket piece. The light lenses are in great condition as well, with no signs of fading from the sun or any unexpected damage. 

Genuine full carbon fibre (owner states it is prepreg carbon) parts are visible all around the vehicle, installed to perfect standards, and finished with a luxurious and high-spec clearcoat, resulting in a high gloss and beautiful depth of shine. We especially love the way the bonnet is wrapped to match the lines of the car, while still revealing the carbon fibre beneath. We did however, discover a small crack in the top coat on the front of the bonnet, as pictured.

Looking underneath the car to the underside, the Vantage is near flawless. With a considerably clean body and undertray, there are not any visible signs of corrosion present. The frame itself looks very straight, with no surprises seen, and all seals look even and well assembled. 

It rides on custom BC Forged wheels, which are the original black colour from the manufacturer, with vinyl overlay matched to the Tiffany Blue exterior, and are in near perfect condition with no signs of any bumps or contact with the curb. The owner states these wheels were custom made for this Vantage based on supplied specification and dimensions, and are said to fit perfectly without any rubbing of the fenders. 

The Mechanics 

  • Mercedes-AMG 3982cc Twin-Turbo V8 runs strong, originally rated around 500bhp
  • 8-Speed automatic gearbox shifts a treat
  • Owner states suspension, steering, braking and overall responsiveness in perfect order

Powered by a Mercedes-AMG Twin Turbo V8 with an original horsepower rating of right around 500hp, and torque in the same foot-pound ballpark. It’s capable of hitting 60mph in 3.6 seconds, and getting you to just 5mph shy of 200.

The owner states that the vehicle handles, accelerates, brakes, and otherwise all together fits the part; it’s an excellent homage to the Vantage nameplate. While the car remains mostly original mechanically, the reportedly genuine Aston Martin ceramic brakes (owner states as a £20,000.00 option!) and aftermarket Fi exhaust system mentioned previously have brought an additional level of driving pleasure and feedback to the car. When idling, the exhaust note is extremely subtle, noticeable only by a light rumble. With the application of the throttle, the engine sound introduced provides a healthy and exotic grunt to match the not-so-reserved nature of the vehicle. It is an excellent, well balanced auditory experience this one, that surely will not disappoint. 

With the addition of the Renntech suspension system, the owner states this Aston’s not only showing visibly enhanced aesthetics with an aggressive stance, but it also handles better than standard, and now has the ability to adjust ride height, lowering up to two inches from standard. Additionally, it allows for the corner weighting if desired. 

The engine bay is in excellent condition, with no leaks seen or strange noises heard, and everything tidy and in its place. While the engine itself is largely covered with plastic bits, the placement of the strut tower brace and dual intake piping do give the bay an appealing and performance-oriented look and feel as you would expect from a car of this nature. 


The owner states that the vehicle is an absolute pleasure to drive. This Aston Martin is a prime example of a more modern, but still extraordinarily well made and engineered hand-built British sportscar. This flashy yet refined bespoke Vantage, with its distinct colourway and unique carbon fibre additions really sets itself apart from the usual standard supercars you’re used to seeing on the road today.

On top of that, Aston Martin’s pure brilliance can still be seen and felt in the way it drives. It’s refined and reserved; capable of putting around town with its smooth and predictable automatic gearbox, but slap it into sport mode and it really awakens to perform like the true race car that it is.  

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2018
  • Make Aston Martin
  • Model Vantage
  • Colour Tiffany Blue
  • Odometer 18,156 Miles
  • Engine size 3982cc
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Solihull
  • Location West Midlands
  • Country United Kingdom

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