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Here is lovely Daimler for sale after 45 years with us
The car is driving perfectly and it was checked for jaguar dealer with a lot of maintenance, the pictures speaks by itself how is the condition, probably one of the best Daimler for sale in this condition ,
The car is registered in UK and never was registered in Spain, my family were living there for 30 years after that they brought the car to Spain and the car was drove it a few occasions and safe it a garage until today, the body is not rusty just i little bit the crome from the bumpers
We decided take the car for sale because we have no time and place for it, the car is in Cantabria, Santander and it is possible to send by ship ferry to uk
Any cuestión you can text me or call me
Price is 11. 980 £

The carburetors are new , the exhaust system was replaced, the tyres are new , the gasoline pump are new, the orin'gs from the breaks are changed with hoses , the water pump is replaced

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