The car is believed to have had three owners from new. I am the third owner. It has just completed a complete restoration to concours condition by three of the most knowledgeable men in Australia concerning these vehicles. Australia was one of the largest of the export markets for cars in this era which is no doubt why the knowledge base for these cars has been so great. Sadly this knowledge base is rapidly ageing and will soon be largely gone. No amount of money has been spared bringing the car to its present exceptional, and 'period correct' condition. The car has recently featured (on two occasions) in the Jaguar Driver's Club UK magazine as it neared completion of the restoration, receiving very high praise for the quality of its restoration and the competence of the restorers. Put succinctly, it would be almost impossible to find a more authentically and sympathetically restored car of this model anywhere in the world.

The car was first delivered to Brylaw Motors in Melbourne, Australia in late 1948 and was finished in Lavender Grey with a Suede Green leather interior. The car is believed to have never left the State of Victoria since being delivered. The Engine, gearbox body and chassis are all original with the various identification numbers matching the Jaguar Heritage Certificate and the original brass identification plates. The car was painted in black with a red leather interior at some stage in its long life though has been returned to its original, and very beautiful 'period' Lavender Grey which was matched from paint remnants found in various places on the body work. The Suede Green leather interior, matching carpets and green wool cloth headlining all look stunning and are extremely tasteful. Please note that 'pleated' seats were discontinued early in 1948 being replaced with the more expensive 'un-pleated' seats which were continued into the MKV range. Great efforts have been made to source extremely hard to find period parts wherever possible. This includes such items as an original 1940's rubber cased battery, a brand new original Lucas ignition coil and a rear courtesy blind. The attention to detail in the finishes on the chassis and the underside of the car are of equal importance to the exterior paint finishes in an exceptional restoration. In other words they are as they would have been on leaving the Jaguar factory, albeit that the quality of the finishes used are of superior quality given that they are from the present day. Even the finish of the dual exhaust system has been replicated and is not the inauthentic stainless steel seen incorrectly fitted to so many 'restored' cars. The brake drums, for instance, are painted correctly in the colour of the bodywork of the car, something which is often overlooked. The wire wheels are correctly painted 'Stove enamel grey' which was an option from the factory along with matching body colour. Chrome wire wheels were never a 'Factory' option. All of the chrome work fitted to the car has been finished to the highest standard possible and is simply flawless. The tool tray in the boot lid has a complete set of correct tools which is another wonderful feature of the car. The interior of the boot or luggage compartment is also correctly finished in black with the boot lid being in body colour again as it left the Factory. All these details are sadly overlooked or simply not known by many uninformed restorers. Even the Lucas rear number plate assembly is painted black, as indeed they all were when they left the Lucas factory. So many are incorrectly painted in body colour. All these details may seem unimportant to some, however they are are extremely important if you are trying to achieve authenticity. Even original hose clamps for the engine's cooling system were sourced, restored and fitted! That being said, the car has had mounting points fitted to suitable structural points in the car allowing for the fitting of lap sash safety belts for the two front seats and two lap belts for the rear. No safety belts are fitted at present but a set comes with the car. They were purchased new from SNG Barrett, are grey in colour and come with the Jaguar logo on the buckle. Please also note that two sets of timber trim pieces come with car, one drilled to accomodate the top mounting point for both front seats and the other 'undrilled' which conceal the top mounting points. It will be up to the new owner to choose to fit these or not. The car comes with original, and in mint condition, Service and Parts manuals along with a selection of 'period' literature.

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