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One of the biggest names in the automotive world, Ford has been responsible for some of the most popular classic cars of all time. From the Fiesta to the Falcon, the Granada to the Galxie - Ford offers something for every enthusiast.

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1960 Ford Falcon
1 day 7 hours
With low ownership and low mileage
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Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, this powerhouse from America is largely responsible for mobilising not only a nation, but also the globe. By taking processes seen in other industries, Henry Ford would create the modern assembly line. This meant cars, starting with the Model T, could be built quickly and as such, in massive numbers. This speedy method of production also helped keep costs down. Ford was a brand for everyone.

Over the years, Ford managed to stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition by offering affordable, practical and an often-fun range of cars that suited almost every need. Ford also led the commercial sector thanks to vehicles like the iconic Transit and America’s best-selling vehicle ever, the F150 pickup.

Thanks to such a diverse history, the classic car world is anything but lacking in ‘blue oval’ metal. From the humble Anglia to the executive Zodiac, there is something for everyone. If you want luxury, you can have it, thanks to a range of executive cars. If you want performance, Ford is your one-stop-shop. The Sierra and Escort RS Cosworth, for example, are some of the most coveted classic Fords on the market.

The real appeal with Ford, though, comes from the manner in which they have impregnated themselves into our lives. Someone you know will have had a Ford. It might have been your parents, your siblings or even just a neighbour. And you would have keenly lusted after whatever that Ford may have been. Not many automotive brands can boast such an impact.