1954 Triumph TR2


  • A cherished car - in current ownership since 1967
  • Impressive period condition with only small modifications
  • Subject to a hefty restoration from 1997 to 1999
  • Highly impressive paperwork file
  • One of fewer than 500 known to be left on the road in the UK
  • MOTd and Serviced today for the new owner! 10/05/23 

The Appeal

Introduced in 1953, the Triumph TR2 was a crown jewel for the Standard Motor Company. A smooth-styled, long-bodied, friendly-looking sports car with low sweeping doors and - crucially for an emerging petrolhead culture - was declared by The Motor magazine as the cheapest British car that could exceed 100mph. It was a hit in the UK, and a smash hit in the US - with most of them shipping Stateside. 

With its glamorous aesthetic, it’s perhaps no wonder that this particular example was used for the vendor's honeymoon in 1969 and was cherished ever since. Having spent some thirty years cossetted in storage, in 1997 a huge restoration was commenced.

Since then, it’s been driven annually to keep it limbered up, but is cloying for a more regular drive. As a result, the vendor has made the very difficult decision to sell. 

The History and Paperwork

  • A cherished family car - in ownership since 1967,
  • Used for a honeymoon to Scotland in 1969
  • From here until 1997, the car was laid up in dry storage
  • Throughout 1997 to 1999, the car underwent a very thorough restoration
  • Since then it’s been serviced regularly, and driven annually
  • The car indicates only 65,170 miles - this is backed up by its history
  • MOT exempt, but has been regularly tested
  • The latest MOT expired in October 2022 but it’s covered less than 100 miles since
  • For over 20 years, the car has been serviced by the same garage
  • Car has been upgraded for unleaded fuel
  • Includes spare front bumper and rocker cover
  • Offered with full weather equipment
  • Paperwork file includes:
    • A full written record of the 97-99 restoration
    • Huge selection of MOT certificates 
    • This includes test certificates from the 1960s
    • Original Triumph mechanical book from The Sunday Times
    • A selection of TR Registry technicalities on CD-Rom
  • We have a list of spare parts that will be coming with the vehicle:
    •  Assorted/new spares for TR2 plus useful “tools”.
    • Original TR2 bumper.
    • Original TR2 rocker cover.
    • Valve lifter.
    • Old AC pump repair kit.
    • Girling brake shoe return springs.
    • SU gaskets.
    • Set of points.
    • Box of new carbon brushes.
    • Original TR2 pair of bonnet hinges.
    • Original TR2 pair of boot hinges.
    • Original TR2 gear knob.
    • Screen washer unit Non-standard and non used.
    • Twin carburettor flow meter for synchronising.
    • Timing light.
    • Exhaust bracket clamp.
    • Distributor cap.
    • Redex 4 inch vacuum gauge and restrictor and spark plug adaptor.
    • Rear light rubber unit back.
    • Four various blank grommets.
    • Two rear unit light back panels.
    • Flasher unit.
    • TR2 petrol isolating valve.
    • Petrol flexible connection.
    • Headlamp rim.
    • TR2 Petrol cap unit.
    • Pair of brackets to fix to engine for hoist removal.
    • Two hand valve grinding “Twizzles”.
    • Two exhaust gaskets.
    • Washer non return valve.
    • Brake or clutch angle bracket.
    • Side light rim.
    • 4 gaskets.
    • 1 valve spring.
    • Wire end unit.
    • SU jets/ needles.
    • 2 throttle cables.
    • Windscreen wiper arm.
    • 6 various spark plug connectors.
    • Rear red lense.
    • Glass domes for lights.

The Interior

  • Highly attractive cream interior with period features
  • Upgraded with electronic ignition for ease of use
  • Sympathetically installed modern Kenwood radio/cassette player

Stepping into this TR2 is a charming experience. The low-sweeping doors and cream leather upholstery all act as a testament to a simpler time of what was surely a thrilling experience on the road. Thankfully, much of that evocative nature is kept in fine stead.

The leather seats are beautifully wrapped in plush-looking leather, which appears to have garnered only a slight patina. This continues beautifully to the simple but practical door cards, which boast a nicely mounted, lightly patinated chromework. 

The dashboard is beautiful, with big bowl-dialed Jaeger instruments still sitting in their place in good working order, while the tactile switches and knobs are all present and correct. A modern Kenwood radio/cassette has been installed under the glove compartment, which is the only hint of changing times the car has been through. 

The carpets present nicely, and the generous boot space looks good and solid, with no major faults we can find.

QLtgx5IR2glm2w3kYfx18l430xj8V51j7EjssU34.jpg 902.44 KB

The Exterior 

  • Highly impressive curvy bodywork with distinctive ‘face’ profile
  • Deep green paintwork with chrome trims
  • Upgraded headlights
  • Interior-coordinated cream soft-top

From the distinctive ‘eyes and mouth’ profile to the car’s front, to the sweeping arches and pronounced boot, the TR2 is arguably one of the most distinctive Triumph cars, with an attractive period appearance that remains incredibly endearing.

With its deep green colour scheme, this example is beautifully presented, with a colour-coordinated soft top really completing the look. The original bodywork is straight and nicely presented, with smooth-looking paintwork and only a light patina to the chrome.

We can spot some very slight damage to the offside rear corner, right on the edge of the bodywork, but it does nothing to distract from the car’s fabulous condition, nor do the minor chips or exhaust staining to the rear’s lower extremities. 

The headlight glasses and screens all look superb, and the cream soft-top is in excellent order with no rips or tears we can spot. All of the Triumph branding is resplendent, and a classic AA badge sits proudly on the centre of the car’s distinctive grille. 

The car is sitting on period-accurate colour-matched wheels - which are real lookers, thanks to Triumph’s distinctive globe branding - and are shod in a good set of very clean, nicely-treaded Firestone tyres. 

Underneath, the car proudly declares its lifestyle of luxury - we can spot very minor signs of wear, and it looks to be in superb fettle. The floors were all replaced with period-accurate stock during the restoration, and it really shows. 

The Mechanics 

  • Powered by 1991cc Straight-4 engine
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • Subject to extensive rebuilt between ‘97 and ‘99
  • Electronic ignition
  • Unleaded petrol conversion

The Triumph 1991cc I4 is still quite a distinctive little engine, and provides plenty of speed for this distinctly nimble roadster. Popping open the bonnet displays a nice, clean engine bay that’s clearly benefited from the same level of care as the rest of the car.

We’ve been informed of no issues with the TR's mechanics, and from what we can see there are no visible signs of extensive corrosion, leaks or other issues. The vendor reports that it’s still driving beautifully. 


It’s always a pleasure to see a car that’s been truly cherished at Car & Classic, and this beautiful example of a legendary British Roadster is a perfect ambassador. With sensible, unintrusive upgrades and a highly impressive history, there’s little more to ask from this superb car. 

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1954
  • Make Triumph
  • Model TR2
  • Colour Green
  • Odometer 65,170 Miles
  • Engine size 1991
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Mayfield
  • Location Sussex
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
14 bids from 7 bidders
  • scenics•••• £18,990 10/05/23
  • Pm1969 £18,500 06/05/23
  • Prewar1•••• £17,000 06/05/23
  • Pm1969 £16,000 03/05/23
  • martin.•••• £10,250 03/05/23
  • tim-cor•••• £10,000 03/05/23
  • martin.•••• £7,100 03/05/23
  • tim-cor•••• £7,000 03/05/23
  • martin.•••• £4,500 03/05/23
  • tim-cor•••• £4,000 03/05/23

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