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This is a very exciting barn find. One of only 170 home market Series 2a 1 Ton Land Rovers built! It had been used on a country estate in Staffordshire for approx 8 years and then sat in a nice dry barn for a few years until I found it. I realised it was a one ton by the extended spring shackles and this was backed ...

5 Sep 2017

This very rare Genuine Station Wagon was registered XUX 354 on 16th October 1961 in Shropshire or Salop as it was then known. Chassis number 24100368a is a very early Series 2a . The Station Wagons were produced in very small numbers as there was purchase tax on top of the price which made them very expensive. New MOT ...

22 Aug 2017

This really is a superb Series 2 Land Rover. I am seriously tempted to keep this one for my collection! Registered as 23 TMA on 1st October 1961 in Cheshire it was then re registered as 7554 TU early on in its life and then finally registered as YNC 848A in 1990 which it still wears today. Chassis number 141104248 is ...

10 Jul 2017

Registered by Buckinghamshire council on 20th January 1969 as GKX 533G. Chassis number 24134646D Up to date V5 present and correct. This will make a great restoration project as it is all complete. Last of the classic headlights in the grille. Original engine and radiator. Overdrive fitted. Last started 2 years ...

4 Jul 2017

This is a rather rare beast! Chassis number 32000037H was one of only 41 Series 2a Diesel Home Market RHD 7 seat Station Wagons of this designation made from 1965 to 1971! Registered as XOM 354J on April 20th 1971 by Birmingham District Council it remained in Birmingham all its life until I brought it to Berkshire! The ...

28 Jun 2017

It is difficult to know where to start with this one! I sold this over two years ago and am very pleased to have it back again! It was used by Redbridge & Waltham Forest area Health Authority from new to recover broken down ambulances. It only had one driver who was meticulous with the maintenance which is recorded ...

4 Jun 2017

This wonderful old Land Rover Series 2a was registered by the Royal County of Berkshire on 24th July 1968 as RRX 833F. Chassis number 24133783D. Bronze green. Tax exempt. Mot'd until 21st October 2017 For some reason it was shipped to Devon and stayed there all its life until I repatriated it to Berkshire where it ...

11 May 2017