This is a project, a great deal of restoration has already been completed. Welding and painting to the scuttle and front end of the car has been done, the rear requires some welding to inner wheel arches and sills and refurbishment to rear wings and running boards, removed from car but present. The engine runs from a can and ticks over very nicely, I believe it has been refurbished from conversations with previous owner as has the chassis which appears to have good paint with binding on the springs etc.
The sliding head has been renewed and all the ash framing replaced in the roof of the car, window frames are present but removed. Drivers door is working but no door cards present. Passenger door removed for new ash frame to be fitted (included).
A new wiring loom has been purchased but not fitted and motorcycle reflectors and bulbs fitted to headlights, the old dipping reflectors are available. The semaphore arm indicators are also included.
The tyres hold air but are not roadworthy.

I am the latest of a series of owners who have contributed to the improvement of the car and then passed it on. I have way too many projects and so some of them have to go. My main contribution was to get the the V5c issued with the original North Devon registration number. A photocopy of the original entry from the archives and an original logbook are included along with the V5c in my name.

The original colour was registered as green however a previous owner, who did much of the restoration, preferred blue and so it has been partially painted in that colour. I had the V5c issued with the original colour of green. The bonnet has been stripped and painted with etch primer and primer in readiness for the final colour. The wings are black, front ones in good paint, rear ones need refurbishing and painting. I am pottering along with jobs like this and the door and the wiring whilst waiting for a sale. The work completed in the past has been done to a high standard but more is needed.

The interior has been mostly stripped out, the door cards are missing as is the headlining which needs to be replaced. The seats are present but will need to be recovered.

The engine starts and runs well from a can, the gears engage and the brakes operate although I have not tested them at speed. The wheels are sound but need paint and tyres.

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