Facel Vega

Classic Cars Facel Vega For Sale

Classic Facel Vegas For Sale

Renowned for producing luxuriously elegant performance cars, French auto maker Facel Vega was the go to manufacturer for the rich and famous back in the '50s and '60s with the likes of actors, singers, fashion designers and even royalty all proudly driving Facel Vega cars over the years. Competing with other luxury brands like Jaguar, Mercedes and Aston Martin a Facel Vega car remain a popular choice among classic enthusiasts and collectors. 

Beginning life in 1939 as Facel S.A. the company started out as an engineering firm producing pressed steel components for the automotive industry. It wasn't until 1954 that the name Facel Vega was adopted with the introduction of its first car, the Facel Vega FV, a sensational debut by the firm and one that would capture the hearts and minds of petrolheads the world over. Lasting only until 1962 the total number of Facel Vega cars produced is miniscule in the grand scheme, making them a rare and utterly fabulous addition to anyone's collection. 

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