Classic Cars Morris For Sale

Classic Morrises For Sale

There's more to Morris Motors than the Moggy, much more. Yes, the Morris Minor is a charming, quintessentially British and perennially popular classic but Morris Cars have been driving around on our roads since the two seater Morris Oxford Light Car in 1912. Powered by an 8.9 horsepower engine it was company founder William Richard Morris' fledgling effort and one that would eventually necessitate larger premises, forcing Morris to relocate to Cowley where millions of Morris cars would subsequently be produced. 

Morris Motors and the Austin Motor Company merged to form the British Motor Corporation in 1952, at the time becoming the largest car manufacturer in Britain and the fourth largest in the world. In 1968 BMC merged with the Leyland Motor Company to form British Leyland and the use of the Morris name finally came to an end in 1985 but its lasting legacy lives on, not just in the Minor but in other classic Morris cars like the Mini, Marina, Oxford and Cowley, to name a few. so if you're in the market for a classic Morris car then we no doubt have the model for you. 

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