Classic Cars Lotus For Sale

Classic Lotuses For Sale

Lotus classic cars. Lots of tro… no, we can’t, we’re better than that. At Car & Classic, we don’t mock classic Lotus cars, we celebrate them. And they’re no trouble at all, thanks to a thriving network of specialists up and down the country, ready to help when you have found your perfect Lotus for sale. 

Really, a vintage Lotus needs no more upkeep than any other classic car. Colin Chapman, the father of Lotus, wanted the cars to be fast, to handle well and to be approachable. Remember, the first Lotus cars for sale were in fact sold as kits for home assembly. Things have of course moved on, which is why you’ll never struggle to find a classic Lotus for sale. 

An open-top Elan, a turbocharged Esprit, a more modern and lightning sharp Elise - whatever retro Lotus you’re looking for, you’ll find it here on Car & Classic. 

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