Classic Cars Citroen For Sale

Classic Citroens For Sale

Old Citroën cars. Man alive, they are brilliant, aren’t they? All French cars are a bit bonkers, because the French love to go their own way. But it’s arguably Citroën who ran the furthest with that notion, as evidenced by some of the Citroën classic cars out there. It was, and still is, a highly innovative company. That means a vintage Citroën car isn’t going to be like any other classic. 

From the mighty Traction Avant - a vintage Citroën from the ‘40s that you could drive daily even today - to the super smooth DS, through to the hot hatches that shaped a generation of petrolheads, like the Saxo VTR/S from ‘90s Citroën dealerships. There’s something for everyone. Citroën classics appeal to all enthusiasts, because Citroën made building cars to suit everyone its business. 

Old Citroëns are just brilliant. C&C staff have been known to own a few. Modern classic examples like the C6, the forgotten ZX Volcane hot hatch, Xantias, Saxos and even an SM with the legendary Maserati engine. Yep, we love Citroën vintage cars here. And so do you, which is why Car & Classic always has a vast selection of classic Citroën cars for sale.  

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