Classic Cars Mitsubishi For Sale

Classic Mitsubishis For Sale

Although Mitsubishi as a corporate entity dates all the way back to 1870, Mitsubishi Motors wasn't formed until a century later from the automotive division of Mitsubishi's Heavy Industries division, formerly its shipbuilding arm. This division would produce the first Mitsubishi car, the hand-built Model A, in 1917. Fast forward to today and the list of classic Mitsubishi cars is long and distinguished. 

It doesn't matter if you're after a rugged and capable 4X4, a cutesy Kei Car, a JDM performance icon or a classic rallying legend, Mitsubishi has you covered. With a motorsport legacy spanning more than 60 years, amassing multiple titles along the way (we're looking at you Tommi Mäkinen and the  Lancer Evolution) you can rest assured that any classic Mitsubishi you choose will be a shrewd move. 

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