Classic Cars Rover For Sale

Classic Rovers For Sale

The love of old Rover cars runs deep here at Car & Classic. A few of us here own them, and when it comes to Rover classic cars for sale, you won’t find a better selection than what’s here. Yes, we’re a little hub for classic Rovers, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. Rover was a magnificent British brand, and it’s one people are still proud to own today. 

Rover cars of the 1960s, Rover cars of the 1980s, Rover cars of the 1990s and everything in between, old Rover cars are represented across the chronological board. If you want luxury, if you want performance (yes, really, think about the Vitesse models) or if you simply want a cool British classic, Rover cars are for you. 

With a huge enthusiast following, good parts availability and a vibrant club scene, there is no reason to not buy one. There is, we promise, a classic Rover for sale on Car & Classic that’s right for you. P6, 800, P5B, P4, 220 Turbo… so many choices! 

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